Holy crud. Finally! It's done and over! This took 1 hr. and 30 min.
Nice job! I sick at ms painting!
hehe, this is really neat, I like it, I know I couldn't have done it, lol keep up the goooood work!
Thanks! And I think my hands have minds of their own. I learned to play drumbeats fast, I learned to type fast, I learn songs on the piano in 5 minutes that take other people an hour. MS Paint requires you to use your hands. So it's like I have the god of hands. Not, lol! But yeah anyway, my hands learn to do things much, <strong>much</strong>, faster than others, I'm not trying to brag or nothing, but, it's just something I noticed within the past year or so.<br/>
trade hands?, lolllll, jk jk
I make a deal... 321,000,000,000 dollars.

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