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georion (author)2012-12-24

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GummiBear (author)2012-11-11

Thank you for including these wonderful pictures on instructables, but instructables is about 'posting' step-by-step DIY projects. You might want to do an Instructable (a.k.a. an 'ible) on how you did your nails. Or how to make cool emoticons or a secret to typing fast on your phone. Thanks, GummiBear

randofo (author)2012-11-11

I am not sure I follow your instructions.

dworley (author)randofo2012-11-11

This is a minimalist Instructable. It's teaching you how to ladyphoneboat greet. It's an important skill to have in Asia, for example. They ladyphoneboat in Japan all the time. In fact, NOT ladyphoneboating is considered extremely rude.

marcellahella (author)dworley2012-11-11

good things I click on this instructable! it was too funny!

randofo (author)dworley2012-11-11

Thank you for familiarizing me with international customs.

blkhawk (author)2012-11-11

It will be better if you could contribute to this site with a project of your own. Maybe you need to post your personal pictures in Facebook.

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