Picture of OMR sheet reading using OMR Software
Every OMR Software works on integration with an ADF scanner. Once you scan all of your OMR Sheets using scanner, OMR Software reads those images and extract data out of them.

Here we'll use Smart Reader, an OMR reading software mostly used by major examination bodies of India.
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Step 1: Template Creation in OMR Software

Picture of Template Creation in OMR Software

Template Name
 - Specify template name here

 - Write description of the template

All multiple answers
 - Allow this option, if you're having multiple answers in Questions

Number of questions to check
 - Enter the number of questions to check on response sheet

Page - 1

In this option, specify whether a response sheet is single sided or double sided printed.

Rectangle Orientation
 - Enter the orientation of timing tracks that may be left/right/both.

Rectangle margin
 - Enter the distance from Timing tracks to cutting edges of omr sheet.

Rectangle Counts
 - Number of rectangles in timing tracks.

Click here to add image
 - Here add front side of the black and white image of omr sheet.

Page  - 2

Fill this option, if you're response sheet is double sided printed or having timing tracks on both sides
And finally click Save button.

Step 2: Make Entity in OMR Software

Picture of Make Entity in OMR Software

Entity Creation:

Entity means fields available in response sheet like Name, Roll No. etc.
To create entities, click on entity option.

 - Add a new entity by clicking on Add button.

 - Here you will specify name of entity.

- Enter the orientation of the entity.

Number of Rows
 - Specify Number of rows in entity.

Number of Columns
- Specify Number of columns in entity.

On Check
- Here specify on which side entity is placed on omr sheet.

Error Check
- Specify number of columns in your entity.

Finally click save button to save the entity.