ON-OFF Switch Bow


Introduction: ON-OFF Switch Bow

About: Electronic engineer with 25 years experience in textiles. Currently working on interactive fabrics.

This is an idea if you want to add an ON-OFF switch to a wearable electronic garment without adding a mechanical switch.

You'll need:

1. Conductive tape (you can find it here). This tape has the peculiarity of having steel fibers mixed with polyester fibers.
2. Scissors
3. A low power electric/electronic circuit you want to turn on and off

Step 1:

Cut two pieces of tape, each one about 12 inches (30 cm) long. They might be longer if desired.

Connect one end of the first piece of tape to a power generator or battery, 5V is enough. Connect one end of the other piece of tape to the other pole of the battery/generator i.e. via an LED.  See picture.

Be sure you connected the LED with the right polarity.

Step 2:

Now tie the two ends together with a bow. The electricity will flow through the bow and turn you circuit on! To switch your device off, just undo the knot.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a switch for low currents and low voltages only!



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    Just to let you know the link to the tape is broken as they have moved, so it doesn't take the user to the product page anymore - I glanced but didn't see the tape, otherwise I'd include link, here's the new URL to the main site tho: http://www.plugandwear.com/

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    why don't you organize a workshop about e-textiles? we can supply all the materials + give you some training if necessary

     This is one of the most amazing eTextile switches I have ever seen - GREAT stuff :D