How do I top Zoltar? (https://www.instructables.com/id/Zoltar-Speaks/)

Not easily I can tell you, But this year I am going as a zombie, and no not some black make-up and some fake blood zombie, i am going all out, and in the progress have enough material for 5 more instructables!

Step 1: Sneakers

This one is for the Footwear part of the costume...
I went and bought a pair of white used sneakers at my local goodwill ($10) and first I stained them using coffee grounds and sandpaper to scuff them up, and to dirty them.

Then started drilling holes in them where i was going to burn them
BURN THEM???? -- yup - It ain't a sport till someone gets hurt.. And a warning

You will be cutting, burning, drilling, boiling hot water, and blooding up these sneakers, make sure none of it is your own blood! Work outside with a blow torch, have water near by, burning rubber / plastic fumes are toxic do NOT WORK INDOORS on this.

You still here! Welcome brave soul!

First you need a pair of cheap white sneakers, make sure you get them a size or two larger then your foot,

You will need room for your foot and 'effects' in the shoe, also you want it to be a bit awkward, a touch loose, after your a zombie, not a fashion plate

Love it!

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