Hey guys, this is my first instructable.
In this, I'm gonna show u guys how to trick someone by the the following procedure:
Ask him to chose a number from 1 and 10. Then multiply with 9. Then ask to add the two digits of the number if the resulting answer is a 2 digit number. In this way the answer is surely gonna be nine(see the image). Ask him to subtract five, then the resulting answer will be 4. Tell him to convert it into an alphabet.
It should not be a random alphabet. It should have a proper sequence as I have shown the example.
Tell to choose a name of a country starting with the resulting alphabet(that is d). He would probably choose Denmark because it is the only well known country starting with d. It is the most commonly known country starting with d. Its quite similar to the kangaroo and orange. Ask him to think a name of an animal starting with the last alphabet of the country. Denmark's alphabet k is it's last alphabet therefore k for kangaroo and similarly last alphabet of kangaroo is o therefore orange. After this u can say that there are no orange kangaroos found in Denmark.
People are usually amazed. Please comment for any improvement.

<p>this trick is from the show brain games</p>
<p>these mathematical tricks are a blast. I like how they disguise highly probable outcomes to appear like clairvoyant revelations.</p><p>My only suggestion would be for you to correct your photo by changing some of the equal signs to arrows or commas or some other separator, because 36 does not equal 3 + 6, and 3 + 6 does not equal 9 - 5, of course.</p>
I made it in a hurry and sorry if didn't understand. This is just a step by step presentation for knowing the concept only. Thnx
<p>Very clever! ;)</p>

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