Introduction: OREO Cake-Pie!

First came fire, then the wheel, then tobacco, then corn cob pipes, then the car, then the plane, then the PEZ dispenser, then computers, then the Beatles, then Rubik's Cube and now God honors us with His latest inspiration: Cake-Pie.

I'm not kidding, this is one of the best things I've ever eaten! I'm a little bummed that the first one got a bit overcooked because it had way more Oreos in it; but the second one was spectacular.

You should be able to learn everything you need to know to recreate this yourself from the video, but here's a step-by-step instruction if you want to follow along or if you're one of THOSE types. (You know who you are.)

STEP 1:Purchase the following:
1.) One box of Betty Crocker Super Moist White Cake mix or equivalent. The yellow mix makes a very odd colored final product, so stick with the white.

2.) Check the cake box and buy whatever other items you need to prepare the batter. We forgot to do this and had to make a second trip to the store.

3.) One package of frozen pie crusts. They come in their own foil pan, so WOOT!, no pan to clean!

4.) One (or more) packages of REDUCED FAT OREOS. I know that sounds sacrilegious, but trust us, we are professionals. For some reason the DuPont plastic that Nabisco uses for the reduced fat cookies keeps them from totally dissolving in the cake batter.

5.) Breyers OREO Ice Cream. Don't go reduced fat on this because the regular version is just sooooooooo good.

6.) One package of OREO Fudge Cremes. We found a small pack of these near the check-out.

Now, to the kitchen!

STEP 2: Follow the directions on the pie crust and partially cook it. This will keep it from becoming a gummy mess.

STEP 3: Follow the directions on the box of cake mix and prepare the batter.

STEP 4: CHECK THE PIE CRUST! Oh good, it's fine.

STEP 4.5: Place 1/3 pack of Reduced Fat Oreos in a gallon-sized Zip-Top freezer bag. Crush violently with whatever you normally use to violently smash things with. Break each cookie into chunks that are roughly 1/4 the the size of the original cookie. Fold (which is fancy-schmancy chef talk for stir) the Oreos into the batter.

STEP 5: Add the batter to the crust and cover the exposed crust rim with aluminum foil. Oh yeah, add aluminum foil to your shopping list! Bake the Cake-Pie according to directions on the box.

STEP 6: Cut the Cake-Pie painfully slow with a ridiculously large chief's knife, as shown in the video. Just make sure that you cut through the crust but not through the foil pan. Or cut through the pan and before your bride or parents see it, place something of your sister's or sister-in-law's on top of the counter.

STEP 7: Top with a scoop or the Breyers OREO Ice Cream and top with crushed OREO OREO Fudge Cremes.

STEP 8: Do whatever comes naturally.

That's it, you've made a delicious OREO Cake-Pie! What to do now? Make another one! If you didn't notice, the crusts are sold as a two pack, and there's enough batter in one box of cake mix and 2/3's of a pack of Oreos left, so why not make another for a friend?

This video features my favorite Son-in-law Nathan and a quick glimpse of my grandson "Smuckers" as we bring to life the wonderful Oreo Cake-Pie.

In the background you will also hear my bride and our daughter talking about everything from consignment store shopping to my son's dog peeing on our carpet. Good times.

Thanks for watching and voting, and we'd love to hear your comments after you make your own delicious Cake-Pie. Scott


aristocob (author)2011-02-22

Hey! We won a second place prize!
Thanks to everyone who voted for my Instructable, and thanks again for the comments; which made it even more fun than I imagined. Now, what else should I write about... OH, I KNOW!

featherless biped (author)2011-09-15

My college cafeteria is having a dessert recipe contest, and I was wondering if I could enter this recipe.

Sure, why not. If it needs to be something original just edit a few of the ingredients. Heck, Oreo has about a thousand and 37 different versions, so you could change it up there if need be. Good luck!

Thank you! I'm really hoping that the cafeteria starts serving your cake pie -- we could use some better food here.

Smorelb (author)2011-05-26

saw this a while ago, and was dying to try it! so now, tonight i shall finally make two pies, one for a school party during the day, and one for a massive sleepover at night! CANT WAIT

aristocob (author)Smorelb2011-05-26

Be sure to give us a full report.

drahcus (author)2011-05-10

Hells Yes

aristocob (author)drahcus2011-05-26

NICE! But how did they taste?

milleh2006 (author)2011-04-03

this looks very good i have to try and make it

aristocob (author)milleh20062011-04-03

You should. It's very good and the folks who have tried it have all raved about it.

aristocob (author)2011-02-15

Thank you for casting one of your five votes for our Instructable. We appreciate it and most of all encourage you to give our Cake-Pie a try! It's easy, fun and delicious! Also, leave us a comment. The snarkier the better! Scott

tofu4tortoise (author)2011-02-14

This is excellent! VERY tasty haha. I never would have thought of this and thanks for the post! This is 1 of the 2 that I made vvv

aristocob (author)tofu4tortoise2011-02-14

Nice! Where's the ice cream? Cake-Pie without ice cream is like the Mona Lisa with eyebrows. You won't know exactly what's wrong; but you'll know something is. Thanks for giving it a go!

tofu4tortoise (author)aristocob2011-02-14

I actually did buy the Breyers (sp.?) Oreo ice cream just like you and enjoyed the cake-pie with it haha. Just didn't include it in the picture i guess haha but it still tastes just as good without it too! Again, love the instructable!

aristocob (author)tofu4tortoise2011-02-14

Excellent. My faith in you is restored.

domestic_engineer (author)2011-02-11

It's like an opposite version of my pie-cake

It's the Cake-Pie's doppelganger! So, we meet again, Pie-Cake! You ran from me in Cleveland, but today victory is mine!

Mu-ah Ha Ha Ha........ (evil laugh)

A lot of guys ignore the laugh and that’s about standards. If you're going to be a doppelganger, you have to have a memorable laugh.

I get your point, but coming from "cowscankill" I would expect something more like "Moo-Ha Ha Ha!" I'm just sayin'.

aristocob (author)aristocob2011-02-11

Oops, that's what I get for looking in the wrong spot for your name. Sorry about that domestic_engineer. It's this very sort of thing that an evil doppelganger would take advantage of... or was is intentional MISDIRECTION?!?!

Not likely.

(insert evil laugh here)

Ok, you get the last word.

It's curtains for you.
Lacy, gently wafting curtains...

aristocob (author)quazzamuhaha2011-02-13

Oh, now quazzamuhaha wants a piece of the action? Well, if this is a tag team let's not forget that I can tag out. You don't even want to mess with my team, quazzamuhaha. (Though I do have a deep and profound respect for the "muhaha" in your name.)

jonnis (author)2011-02-12

I knew I had seen you somewhere else, and when I saw your logo at the end of the clip, BAM!!! I realized I had seen some of your pipe-videos on youtube before... Awesome cake-pie by the way...

aristocob (author)jonnis2011-02-12

Small world, isn't it. There days on YouTube where I get the sense that there's actually only 67 people with video cameras. Thanks for checking in.

Kaiven (author)2011-02-11

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! I will never be skinny again.

aristocob (author)Kaiven2011-02-11

Just make sure that the Oreo's are reduced fat and you're good to go.

Kaiven (author)aristocob2011-02-11

Haha, sure thing! This is seriously so epic, I forgot what I was going to say about it.
Thanks for posting!

aristocob (author)Kaiven2011-02-11

I do what I can.

ragingblumpkins (author)2011-02-11

It's a rarity to see father & son get baked... I MEAN bake together. ;-)

Well, it's actually my favorite son-in-law, but I see what you did there.

KGood (author)2011-02-10

I'm assuming in Step 4.5 we are supposed to add the crushed oreos to the cake mix, right?

aristocob (author)KGood2011-02-11

Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, at that point you can either fold them into the batter, or add them to a glass of milk and go watch a rerun of Psych and eat them with a spoon. Your call.

kill-a-watt (author)2011-02-10

Don't take this as a negative, but umm ever search-fu for something called "shoo fly pie"? Yea, it's cake, in a pie crust, but at least there's no Oreos in it; so there you go.

Speaking of Shoo fly pie, that's kinda traditional around Groundhog day anyway. Timely.

Nice video you have there.

aristocob (author)kill-a-watt2011-02-10

I've heard of Shoo-fly pie all my life but never knew what it was until just now. Unless Wikipedia and Alton Brown are wrong, it's not a cack in a pie crust. Perhaps someone in your life was passing off a cake-pie as shoot-fly pie! Clever people abound.

kill-a-watt (author)aristocob2011-02-10

I've since (in the last few hours) found several non-cake-like shoo-fly pie recipes. I feel like the first time I ever saw something called "barbecue" that wasn't made of slow cooked pork!

So here's one that's close to what I got a slice of every Groundhog day:

Anyway, just don't ask me what "Chicken Pot Pie" is, OK?

aristocob (author)kill-a-watt2011-02-10

I know what you mean. We moved to NC a few years ago and the locals all think that BBQ is pork. Have you seen this video? Very educational and fun, and it's by a couple NC guys:

You got a deal on the chicken pot pie, but have you heard of chicken cake-pie? :)

Men in Kitchen = Sexy
but adding an oreo cake in a pie with oreo ice cream to top that off?
That is like the ultimate husband right there lol

It would be ungentlemanly of me to argue with you. I'll pass your comment on to my bride. Thanks for commenting.

scoochmaroo (author)2011-02-09

I really can't believe you didn't go with the chocolate graham crust. I'm pretty sure Oreo even makes one! Nonetheless, I found your video very entertaining. And yes, I watched it all :D

It looks really good!

aristocob (author)scoochmaroo2011-02-09

Thanks scoochmaroo , if that is your REAL name.
Yeah, it ran a little long. I just shortened it a bit in Youtube's editor, but it still won't be mistaken for a short video. We considered the OREO crust, and yes they do make one; but we decided against it because:

1.) We thought that might push the chocolate to non-chocolate ratio over the tipping-point, and

B.) OREO is VERY proud of their crust!

Thanks for the comment, and thanks in advance for taking the time to come back in a few days and voting for us! :)

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