Hello to everyone that reads this 'ible.

The next few steps will show you how to make a 3 way sorterorsignature as some of you might know it as.

So, what you will need is simple, 6 square pieces of paper, some glue and the last thing which I reccommend is at least 1 whole read through this 'ible to make sure you can do it!

Why are you reading the intro still? click step #1!

Step 1: #1

Allright - you made it this far, you might as well read the rest!

Once you have your 6 squares (colored looks cooler) you will need to divide them into three squares in a group so put 3 squares aside and work on the others.

You will first need to fold the diagonals fold the diagonals into the three sheets you are working on.

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<p>Good job getting featured again, I also love your octaheron, I think it is amazing!</p>
<p>Big congrats on the featured ible'!!!</p><p>It's so exciting to see the work you're putting into this. Please keep up the awesome work!!! :D</p>

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