Hello to everyone that reads this 'ible.

The next few steps will show you how to make a 3 way sorter or signature as some of you might know it as.

So, what you will need is simple, 6 square pieces of paper, some glue and the last thing which I reccommend is at least 1 whole read through this 'ible to make sure you can do it!

Why are you reading the intro still? click step #1!

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Step 1: #1

Picture of #1

Allright - you made it this far, you might as well read the rest!

Once you have your 6 squares (colored looks cooler) you will need to divide them into three squares in a group so put 3 squares aside and work on the others.

You will first need to fold the diagonals fold the diagonals into the three sheets you are working on.

Next: XXXXXX (classified until step #2)

Step 2: Classified!

Picture of Classified!

Next: you will need to fold the paper in half horizontally and crease and then vertically and crease.

Make sure you crease the horizontal and vertical on the OTHER SIDE than the diagonals! This IS important.

Next you should read step 3.

Step 3: Collapse

Picture of Collapse

You will now have to collapse your work into a waterbomb base (or triangle) like in the photos.

With the paper square you should see that the two diagonal creases make a hourglass type shape, the two triangles of the "hourglass" are not going to change shape at all, You will need to fold the sides inwards and fold along the diagonal creases and it should collapse like the photos.

Do this to ALL 3 pieces you are working on.

From this step you can make a waterbomb or you can go to step 4 of this 'ible.

Step 4: The three pices you put aside!

Picture of The three pices you put aside!

OK, you have patiently waited for what to do with the 3 pieces you put aside earlier so I will show you!

This is the easiest step: you will have to fold ALL 3 vertically like shown in the picture and that is it!

The last few things are in the next few steps!

mrozowski12310 months ago

Good job getting featured again, I also love your octaheron, I think it is amazing!

Big congrats on the featured ible'!!!

It's so exciting to see the work you're putting into this. Please keep up the awesome work!!! :D