Step 1: Before You Begin

Before you begin, get out an MP3 player and save the song below to it.  Go turn the "Repeat 1" option on, and listen to this while you work.  It helps a lot while you work.
hey, I have made a knex shotgun with a pump-action systen. you can reload very fast and easy !! the magazine holds 20 rounds and you can shoot them all in less than 40 seconds !! the gun is also very powerfull. plz tell me what you think about it.
I wuz gonna' say that!
Please don't post in my ible. And you need pictures.
here it is https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Pump-Action-Shotgun-PAS2000/
Can you please put a REAL handle on it?
Looks great!
great, but I can't see how you can stand that handle
I have knobs on it so I don't feel rods poking my hands.
Yeah I saw, but don't you prefer a 3 layered handle?
I prefer the first one.
I don't.
can it shoot so far as the srv2 ? with the same trigger mech or would the Y connecter break ? <br> <br>
I see a build in my future. Looks awesome, but I'm not going to rate until I build. Oh, and what's the range on this?
I don't know the exact range, as I never did any proper tests. I'd say around 70 with 1 band.
bull, you told me a gun would&quot;nt even go 40 with one rubber band!!!
He has forgotten more about K'nexing than you will ever know. And he hasn't forgotten much, I hope.
This is a slingshot. I was talking about guns with firing pins when I said that to you.
Cool. I just took apart Seleziona's AA-12, so I'll get started soon. The stock doesn't look that great to me(no offense), so I'll make a different one and post a picture if it's any good.
Actually, the stock looks better than I thought. I'll probably keep that, and I might extend the barrel.
I built it and the range, power and accuracy is great!! my favourite slingshot gun ever!!!<br>
LOOKS EPIC!!! im going to build it 5*
are these instructions, or just pictures? i cannot tell.
Plain ol' pictures. If they were instructions I would have dissected all the layers of the stock.
ohh yea the bipod stays clipped all right, cool trigger system thow
I just finished my knex rifle based on your firing system so if you want to check it out it should be up in at least a day. Its called knex rifle updated fyi
thanks im only using the part the ammo holds onto thanks and ill mention you if i make an ible
awsome gun can i use trigger system for a gun that im going to make with giving you credit of course
unless ur makin a real sniper, then go get some slayer &gt;=)
That comment made no sense whatsoever.
Slayer is a band
That. Explains. Everything.
awsome sniper
i love the sound that the trigger makes!
nice! 5* i made the v1 and it backfired every shot lol, guess ill have a try at this then!!!<br />
I don't get how it backfired if the rubberbands had its force going forward.&nbsp; That is impossible unless you banded the first one wrong.<br />
well i made it with my mates knex, so it must of been faulty, lol, he doesnt take care of his knex...<br />
Since it didn't work with his knex, you should have handed it to him, told him to shoulder it, and then tell him to shoot it. Now that's payback in their face(literally).
lol, he would of got pwnd!
Video now posted.<br />
kool...<br />
i've been putting off building this gun because it looked like a pice eater but i was really suprised at how few pieces it used.i built the mech and barrel and will probably make my own stock for this and extend the barrel and also the the trigger pull is really long and eerie for me being as this is my first slingshot. 5&spades; also will post a pic if my stock and other aesthetic mods are cool.
I built this the day it came out. the trigger was too hard to pull and it didn't shoot very far. It did&nbsp; blow up connectors tho. :)
Why not fix it instead of complain to me?<br />
just shot for 1st time and was like wohoo!!!!!<br />
I thought you didn't have enough parts?<br /> <br /> How'd you like it compared to the original?<br />
i modded so i would have enough its much more awesome!<br />

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