How to make a free*, fast and easy OTA (over the air) HDTV Antenna from Construction Waste.

After finding i no longer watched tv and had turned to the Internet for entertainment i had decided to stop giving Rogers my money. Altho after a few months i started to miss it, and with an idea my roommate had and me remembering new flat screens have Digital tuners built in i was on a mission to get my basic local channels back. 

We stared with a basic set of bunny ears and found the signal was not to strong for some channels so i had decided to make my own, *lucky i work in construction and have scrap materials available at my disposable, so the plan was a go.

Step 1: Materials/Tools

For this project you will need:

- Scrap 1 5/8" steel Stud/Track
- Scrap Wood 
- Kelly screws
- Drywall screws
- Medium gauge wire
- 300 Oms to 75 Oms Transformer

And a few tools:

- Drill w/ Phillips bit
- Utility Knife/Side Cutters
- Measuring tape
- Tin snips
<p>Given the metal frame, the capacitive coupling of the wires to said frame<br>and the acute angles in the wires, that calculation would require a masters<br>degree in antenna design and is probably beyond the scope of a simple DIY<br>project from scrap parts I think this is an AWESOME instructable and a great<br>starting (or finishing) point for others. </p><p>You did more correct than not. Maybe a wire length of 1/4 wavelength per<br>side would be a great place to start as opposed to a random length, however<br>keep in mind many indoor reception antennas are only a 1/10 wavelength and are<br>constructed of at least two different antennas in the same package, one for VHF<br>and one for UHF. </p><p>I have only one question, does it do what you need it to do? (rhetorical<br>question ;)</p><p>Kudos, keep the ideas flowing.</p>
While this will work, it's basically a &quot;random wire&quot; antenna. <br> <br>If you optimize the dimensions for the HDTV frequencies you can get much better performance for a given size antenna.
yes i know. it was just a toss together project and i was still able to pick up all the OTA HD signals in my area/city.

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