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K'nex Gun Name: OTTG1 (Oblivitus, Trauts, TheDunkis Glock 1)

Description: This is a sturdy, comfortable, stylish, realistically scaled and shaped, very accurate, powerful, true triggered, k'nex glock with iron sights, a safety, and an 8-round magazine handle.

Influences: TheDunkis made the TDS, which Trauts combined with the handle from his Desert Eagle to make a glock, and now I have made even more additions to this incredible gun.

Length: 7 inches
Height: 5 inches
Width: 1.25 inches

Oblivitus' Power Gauge: 1-1 and 1/3
Max Accuracy: 2 inch target from 10 feet

Features: iron sights, safety, true trigger, 8-round magazine
Flaws: None.

Note: This gun uses 6 cut parts.

Step 1: All the Parts

Picture of All the Parts

1: Ripped Apart Gun
2: Top View
3: Back View
4: Top Of Magazine Pusher
5: Top Of Magazine
6: Front Sight
7: Trigger
8: Top Of Trigger
9: Firing Rod
10: Ammo
11: Safety Off.
12: Safety On.

Step 2: Need Help?

Picture of Need Help?

Message me if you need help!


ant ant 33 (author)2009-10-20

 cool!! oblivitus guns are best

Sharir1701 (author)ant ant 332011-09-10


Oblivitus (author)ant ant 332009-10-20


ant ant 33 (author)2009-10-20

 knex did you get 6000 pieces , where from and for how much.  I'd estimate i have little over 1000 and need more to make my dream gun , which i am working on currently.

Oblivitus (author)ant ant 332009-10-20

Shop eBay, I bought 15 pounds of knex for 30 dollars there.

King Julien (author)Oblivitus2010-03-22

I have like 100

ant ant 33 (author)King Julien2010-03-23

 100 lbs of knex or 100 pieces??

King Julien (author)ant ant 332010-03-24

I lied.  More like 250 (pieces).

rjap-tjong (author)King Julien2011-05-05

if got 5 1m3 boxes full whit knex m stands for meter bigger than a foot

dmytro509 (author)2009-11-25

so weard and stupid pic

james4 (author)dmytro5092010-06-05

pic is so creepy

Oblivitus (author)dmytro5092009-11-28

That was one of my first avatars.

watsup man (author)2010-05-05

how do we build the mane part?

stale56 (author)2009-03-02

.._...|..._._._._._._._._._._._._' '
....../`---_._._._._._.----_._ _._|]
.....), ---,(_() /
....//(..) ),----"
you are the one who was pwned

DrWeird117 (author)stale562009-03-02

Make the handle wider.

stale56 (author)DrWeird1172009-03-03

i had a good one, but then the format changed wen i put it on 'ibles, so i had 2 edit it a little

DrWeird117 (author)stale562009-03-03

I hate that.

stale56 (author)DrWeird1172009-03-03

the format change, or me? and btw, ur uncle hates that too!

DrWeird117 (author)stale562009-03-03

What? Your uncle? The Format Change thingy.

stale56 (author)DrWeird1172009-03-04

ur uncle, instead of ur mom

DrWeird117 (author)stale562009-03-04


stale56 (author)DrWeird1172009-03-04

ur uncle thought the same thing!

King Julien (author)stale562010-03-22


DrWeird117 (author)King Julien2010-03-22

Yeh, sorry.

King Julien (author)DrWeird1172010-03-24

Still confused.  Never mind.

DrWeird117 (author)stale562009-03-04

:O >:-( D: O-0

erikos kostarikos (author)2009-12-21

Horrible instructions.

I know, I will be making actual instructions for a second version of this in the future.

King Julien (author)Oblivitus2010-03-22

When is the future?

Sounds good!

KnexFreek (author)2010-03-10

Do you think at this point in time, you could work around that little "6 broken part thing" ? 


Oblivitus (author)KnexFreek2010-03-11

My gun has 4 now, and it's able to muzzle load modded oodammo. Instructions coming eventually...

Seleziona (author)2009-11-27

Whoa! 6 cut parts! My max is 1!

insanecreator92 (author)2009-10-23

Like this one nice work.

I'll be posting a slightly improved version with complete instructions eventually.

ant ant 33 (author)2009-10-20

 surely it would look more realistic if you elongated the barrel so it was longer than it is high?!

Oblivitus (author)ant ant 332009-10-20

I did elongate the original barrel and it does look very realistic.

ant ant 33 (author)2009-10-20

 htf do you add a shortcut of this site to your bloody desktop..........need to!!!!!!!!!!

Oblivitus (author)ant ant 332009-10-20

If you have a PC, then right click on the instructables logo at the top of the page, click "copy shortcut". Go to your desktop, right click, click "paste shortcut".

KnexFreek (author)2009-09-15

i think broken peices are fine! a max of 20 is my limit so this is an awesome gun i have about 6000 knex and a little over 300 of them i have broken

Oblivitus (author)KnexFreek2009-09-16

Thanks, I have improved this gun since I posted it and it only use 4 now.

KnexFreek (author)Oblivitus2009-09-16

im almost done with the new repeating crossbow

DrWeird117 (author)2009-03-03

......._................................................ ......|||||||||_||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ..._||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||X|||||||||||||/ ...---||||||||||||||||_(_| ......|||||||||||||||( .....||||||||||||||( ....|||||||||||||( ...|||||||||||||(

knex shooter (author)DrWeird1172009-07-29

......_................................................ ......|||||||||_||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ..._||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||X|||||||||||||// ...---||||||||||||||||_(_| ......|||||||||||||||( .....||||||||||||||( ....|||||||||||||( ...|||||||||||||(

DrWeird117 (author)knex shooter2009-07-29

Like that, right.

knex shooter (author)2009-07-29

6 cut parts is a FLAW ! lol

Miles Tails Prower (author)2009-06-18

Ok, 1 or 2 broken pieces is acceptable, but 5...? In my opinion no.

knexman45 (author)2009-05-29

too many broken pieces

Oblivitus (author)knexman452009-05-30

I know. :)

silentassasin21 (author)2008-10-19

{glock} / /"

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