OX DYI CNC First Run




Introduction: OX DYI CNC First Run

Some time ago I ordered an OX DIY CNC kit. I like this kit, it is simple to assemble and instructions on how to put it together I well written, configuration of the machine is the only part that is confusing for a newbie. I did not work every day putting it together; maybe an hour or two per day. But I got through it and have my machine running in about a month.

Step 1: Test #1

First simple cut revealed minor issues. First, the spoiler board sagging in the middle and it is not visible until I started cutting into it. Another one has to do with the spindle and two clamps holding it, vertical down force of the Z-Axis gradually moved the spindle up ... need to figure out how to create more friction between the spindle body and PVC clamps.

Note to self, need more powerful spindle, this one just in the toy category, not a Mercedes if you know what I mean.



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