Picture of Oak & Glass Display Top End Table
Sometimes an interesting idea for a woodworking project comes from an unexpected source. In this case, inspiration came from a very large dog who, after drinking from his bowl, would leaves puddles of water sitting on our family room table tops whenever his nose took him in that direction. Obviously, when his deeds went unnoticed the results were ugly water stains that degraded the finish of the tables and took time and effort to repair. The solution, pictured here, was to design a table that melded a simple, straightforward semi-craftsman style of woodworking with a contemporary (and dog proof) glass top.
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Step 1: A sliding shelf replaces a traditional drawer

Picture of A sliding shelf replaces a traditional drawer
Since I wanted to build something unique I decided to put a sliding shelf beneath the glass to allow easy access to whatever I chose to display, in this case some magazines and a universal remote.

Step 2: You don't need to be a pro to build this project

Picture of You don't need to be a pro to build this project
I've seen a lot of really creative, beautiful projects on the instructables website. However, whenever I see the words, planer, jointer and router I'm often discouraged from attempting a project myself since these are tools I don't own. This project,however, is for the 99% of us who have a moderate amount of skill and requires a pretty basic inventory of workshop tools.

Tools required:

- A decent table saw
- Power drill
- Finishing Sander
- A pocket hole jig and jig accessories (Kreg jig and Kreg clamps recommended)
- A decent collection of different size wood clamps
tgaolebe1 year ago
The table is really amazing, l really like it and would love to make it for myself.
KentM (author)  tgaolebe1 year ago
Thanks! It's always nice to receive a positive comment about an instructable.
kenn12 years ago
Wow - even more impressed when i saw the coffee table - really good. Then I noticed the top trims and went back to look at the side table. (I did not notice them on the side table at first). I want to make a media type unit, but it would probably fall apart - if I ever got it to stand up in the first place. These are fantastic - good job !!!!! Well done - such talent.
KentM (author)  kenn12 years ago
I appreciate the kind words! Actually, I'm just finishing a sofa table which will give us a matching 3 piece set. I didn't document the construction process since it is so similar to the other tables but will add a picture or two to the addendum page of this project in the next week or so.
kenn1 KentM2 years ago

Thanks - I will keep a look out for this.

Well done.

kenn12 years ago
Hi - this is really great - and a pull out shelve -wow - do you have any other projects on the go? Would love to see some more.

Many thanks for sharing.
KentM (author) 2 years ago
Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.
Anthony232 years ago
This is really impressive workmanship, well done. The idea works great in regards to your little dog problem, but the fact that the glass top is a feauture which has a very modern look and adds a lot of character to it.

I would certainly look at building it for my living room

Great instructable

drknotter2 years ago
Beautiful work! I really like the open style, too! It's great!