Oak Rings, start by finding some old wood planks.

Step 1: Cut Out Ring

Cut your ring out, I start with the outside diameter. After this is cut out I use my drill for the inner diameter.

Step 2: Make It a Ring

once the ring is cut out, drill the inside and be very careful to not add too much pressure

Step 3: Ring Size

I used a mandrel and fine sand paper to ensure I snug fit

Step 4: Stain

I used amazing Cimicchi Olive oil to stain the oak,...then dip in a protective coat like poly.

Step 5: Pazazz!

add pazazz by cutting the center out of coins and gluing them to the ring!
<p>its very cool</p>
<p>nice work!</p>
That's awesome but I'm pretty sure cutting the coins is illegal or something
only if trying to sell as currency
I have made a few wood rings as well... Yours look great! The cut out coin is a great idea
<p>Oh thank you so much, means a lot to me! </p>

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