Step 1: Clearance Sales

I was looking for a unit for my tv and amps for surround sound . I had a crappy little corner unit that simply wasn't big enuf for all my equipment.
I was looking for a cheep replacement in sales an auctions but came up with nothing suitable.
I then went to a clearance sale at a local furniture store and found a nice looking oak unit with some damage to all the doors the price tag on it was an astonishing £1600 but since there was considerable damage to it I simply asked for a price they would be happy to let let it go for I got a response of £100 if you take it away today? I just about had the guys hand off there was more than £100 worth of oak there.!
The cooling was an after thought when my yamaha amp came up with an over heat protection warning! I simply used the fan to move air rather than draw clean air and it seems to be doing the trick. My friend also has an issue with his xbox overheating but it was stacked with a big amp and skybox with the xbox on top! He managed to control the heat with simple spacers between the xbox and the other gear to allow airflow naturally with no extra fan but I needed air movement so a cheap (under £2) laptop cooler fan was perfect for my needs
<p>Great find, and a cool project. There are several elements I want to borrow from this, not least of which is the built-in fan. I have an elderly white xbox 360 that needs some supplementary cooling, and your solution is simply perfect.</p><p>Your negotiation skills might make for a good Instructable: How to Get Oak Furniture for Cheap. I'd read it. :D</p>

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