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Introduction: Oak and Walnut Tortilla Press

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For a gift this holiday season I decided I wanted to make this oak and walnut tortilla press for my wife. She loves cooking and really wanted to pick one up, so I decided to hand make her one! It was a pretty easy build, spanning around a couple of days and I'm really happy how it turned out!

Step 1:

I started off making the bottom section and the lid of the tortilla press. The press is 10" x 10" so I first cut the two oak slabs that make up the bottom

Step 2:

and then I cut the oak and walnut strips that make up the lid.

Step 3:

I glued up the bottom section

Step 4:

and glued up a pattern like this for the lid.

Step 5:

After those dried I cut down a 6" walnut piece for the beam across the top of the lid

Step 6:

rounded out the top of it

Step 7:

I then equally spaced where I was going to drive in three 3/8" dowel supports to help strengthen the joint

Step 8:

I drilled out the holes on my drill press

Step 9:

and glued in the three dowels.

Step 10:

Next I cut out two 6" walnut strips and a 3" oak strip to start putting together the piece that holds up the handle.

Step 11:

I rounded off the top of the pieces

Step 12:

and cut out two 2" oak strips, round off their tops and glued them to the rest of the piece.

Step 13:

I attached this to the bottom slab of oak the same way I attached the 6" walnut beam to the lid from earlier. I drilled out three equally spaced holes

Step 14:

centered it in the middle of the tortilla press

Step 15:

and glued it to the bottom section.

Step 16:

After that dried, I cut, glued and hammered in three 1/2" dowels to help strengthen the joint.

Step 17:

Closer look.

Step 18:

Next I started on the handle, I cut out an 11" oak strip and another strip about half that size

Step 19:

and clamp them together.

Step 20:

After it dried up I placed it in my Jawhorse and molded it into shape.

Step 21:

To attach the handle I cut off a piece of a 1/4" steel pipe I had around

Step 22:

I drilled out 1/4" holes in the handle holder and the handle

Step 23:

and assembled the handle section.

Step 24:

I then drilled in halfway into the walnut slabs and put in 3/8" wooden dowel caps.

Step 25:

Closer look.

Step 26:

Next I began the attachment of the lid and bottom section of the tortilla press. I cut out and placed down two pieces of construction paper (roughly the thickness of a corn tortilla)

Step 27:

Closer look.

Step 28:

I put the 3" brass hinges in place and marked out the spots for the screws

Step 29:

drilled out the holes

Step 30:

and screwed the hinges into place

Step 31:

With all the assembly done I took some wax paper and some play-doh and took it for a test drive!

Step 32:

Then it was time to sand, sand, sand!

Step 33:

For some finishing touches I cut out a leather strip for the area where the oak handle rubs against the walnut beam on the lid.

Step 34:

Closer Look.

Step 35:

Closer look.

Step 36:

Then I added on some clear rubber feet to the bottom.

Step 37:

Finally I used some Food safe butcher block oil and finish and viola the tortilla press is complete!

Step 38:

Step 39:

Hope you like and thanks for checking it out!



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    Awesome job! This is absolutely beautiful.

    1 reply

    Thank you very much, really appreciate it!

    This is exactly like the last thing my dad made me for Christmas two or three years ago. He passed away in September from cancer. Thanks for sparking those memories. ?

    This tortilla press is very beautiful and I think it is a wonderful gift to give as well. I am very grateful that you shared it with all of us. Thank you. I am going to subscribe to follow you for future gift ideas.

    1 reply

    Thank you very much, I appreciate your kind words and it was my pleasure to share with everyone!

    Any chance on your recipe for tortillas?

    1 reply

    That might have to be my next Instructables with a demo of the press in action :D!

    The press itself is a great design, it looks like its extremely strong for the task at hand, i put the nixtmal or prepared dough inside a one gallon zip lock bag and press it, then slide a hand under the tortilla slowly and the rest will fall into your hand from its'ceiling...makes the process a lot faster , then into a hot cast iron skillet to toast. discovering the trick made it possible to make the tortillas faster than they can be gobbled up. i use the same press to make pitas made with yeast bread dough. beautiful project , now give her a stil...they get suspicious if you give them their own lawnmower..

    1 reply

    That's a brilliant idea for fast production! Haha thank you very much, appreciate it!

    Verynice and good detailed instructions voted

    1 reply

    Thank you very much, appreciate it!

    Excellent idea and well done. I'm bored with making cutting boards so this may be next.

    1 reply

    Thank you! Yeah once I got that top glued up if I didn't have the drive to finish it, I would have had a decent cutting board haha.

    Excellent job!! and a very thoughtful gift!!

    1 reply

    Thank you very much, my wife is very happy with the gift which makes me happy!

    Tortillas are DELICIOUS!! Definitely go for it, my wife is loving it so far!