Picture of Oak tree and a woodpecker game
This is the perfect game for all acorn lovers! A short ShopBot cut or some more manual work using wood band saw and a wood drill press (I made mine at the Techshop - www.techshop.ws). Make your sketch, cut it, sand it, and paint it. Then you're all set to collect some acorns and start playing. Stick the acorns in the holes, remove the trees, and start all over again... 

Step 1: Make the sketch

Picture of Make the sketch
Make the sketch using your favorite vector program. I use flash, but other programs would do as well. 
wpcodename2 years ago
So... Is it a game? I'm a little confused still...
BTrey2 years ago
I'm confused. Is this a toy or a game? If it's a game, what are the rules and the objectives?
i was wondering the same thing!
nemalim (author) 2 years ago
Thanks! I think my kids was very happy to finely play with it...
that is so sweet and looks like fun for the little kiddies to mess about with, :)
How cute - I love the design. :D