Are You city habitant who is always in a hurry…Are You living in a boring narrow “city jungles” made from concrete and glass? Every spring You feel that your hands are missing a wonderful touch to soil  and plants…But You have not any square foot/metre of land for the realizing your gardening instinct in a city life. Welcome to my lovely balcony for inspiration.

You need:

  1. Plant pot from clay.
  2. Soil for the succulent type plants.
  3. Few lovely rocks from seashore for decoration.
  4. Any small hand tool as a weeder or trowel.
  5. Few type of plants which goes together.
  6. Inspiration for creation!  


Step 1: Inspiration

It was the most unfriendly winter for my balcony garden. This year it was -25C frost first time in my 3 year gardening experience.  Only Liveforever (Sempervivum) survived.

So.. 3 empty plant clay pots, few rocks polished by the Baltic Sea waves, the yearning of the green beauty and the inspiration for new creation :) still alive after heavy winter.

Its time to go for the 2 elements to flower market: soil and new plants
Very nice photos. <br> <br>Not really an instructables really though?

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