Oat Spike Paracord Bracelet





Introduction: Oat Spike Paracord Bracelet

The oat spike paracord bracelet has a very nice looking weave.
It is not very difficult to make.
When you get the hang of making the bracelet, it becomes a very quick and easy job.
If you ever get stuck in the wilderness or there is a zombie apocalypse you can unravel this bracelet and then have 12' total of cord.

Step 1: Supplies

For this instructable you'll need:
Two 6' lengths of paracord

Step 2:

In this instructable I will be referencing to the cords by their color. Start by lining up your cords as shown in the photo below with the yellow cord below the blue cord and the middle of the cords at the peak of the rainbow.

Step 3:

Pull the yellow cord over the blue cord as shown.

Step 4:

Pull the left blue cord across the yellow cords. Then pull the right blue cord over that as shown. Now pull the yellow cords through the holes that are noted in the photo, then pull it tight.

Step 5:

Drape the yellow cords over the blue as shown.

Step 6:

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until it reaches your desired length. 

Step 7:

Snip off the blue cords and burn them.

Step 8:

With the yellow cords tie it into the below knot, snip off the extra, and then burn the snipped part.

Step 9:

You are now done. Enjoy the bracelet.

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That is really clever! One that i will definitely make!!!

I didn't know of any other knots than the Solomon Bar. Thanks!

I really like this one but my 6" of paracord only made 3" of bracelet.

"means inch
'means foot

Just finished this about a minute ago. Only took a few minutes. Looks amazing and nobody would suspect how simple it was. Plus, having no need for a buckle makes this really useful.

easy to make, thanks for the instructable.