Oblivion keyblade prop - Kingdom Hearts

Picture of Oblivion keyblade prop - Kingdom Hearts
My first prop for my first major cosplay/costume I made many many years ago. The keyblade prop was made directly after I finished Kingdom Hearts I. I was so enamored with the teaser called "Deep Dive" and had to make the costume of the character "blind Riku". Had so much fun with this costume. <3

  • wooden stake (one they would use for a lawn sign)
  • wire (16 gauge, tie wire, usually in the gate area of a hardware store)
  • thinner wire
  • cardboard paper
  • cheap mat board
  • heavy duty staples (staple gun)
  • hammer
  • plastic chain links
  • box material
  • hot glue gun
  • 2 - 2.5 inch note card ring

Paper mâché:
  • news paper
  • flour (I did use geso but that was a mistake. WAY TOO HEAVY)
  • water

  • flat black spray paint
  • color acrylics
  • pearlescent paint (blue)
  • satin finish clear acrylic spray paint
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Step 1: Structure - part 1

  1. Took some paper and drew out the keyblade to actual size. I used butcher paper which is very useful for all sorts of things.
  2. Laid the wooden stake in the middle of the keyblade drawing. It is to be where I can hold the prop without crushing it.
  3. Created the wire edge of the keyblade following the drawing exactly.
  4. As I crossed the wire over the wooden stake as I made the frame. Stapled it to the stake and hammered the staples later to strengthen the connection point.
  5. Repeat #3 - #4 so that you will have a wire frame outlining the keyblade sketch/drawing for both the top and bottom.
  6. Since the keyblade head has very sharp angles/edges I decided to cut out mat board to the shape and use that to sit on top of the wire frame. Worked very well. (Hind sight, I could have done that on the whole blade over the wire frame.)
  7. At certain points I had to thread thin wire in and out long strips of card board to act as spaces between the top and bottom wire layers. (picture #2)
  8. I also hot glue spacers made from rolled up box material between the edge of the blade and the wooden stake. (picture #2)
Awesome! I love that you used wire to shape it all out. Looks like it gave you a lot more freedom in designing it and giving it a good structure!
kieshar (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
^___^ I would like to think so too. I was really pleased with the outcome. That wire, I used, I have had for some time and it is fantastic. Easy to bend but strong at the same time and dirt cheap.

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