K'nex Gun Name: DD-27 v2.1 mod

Description: This mod adds side panels, sights, and trigger covers as well as changes the handle, barrel, and a little of the trigger of this gun. This is a pretty powerful and accurate gun.

Influences: The DD-27 pistol is a gun that was designed by Jollex.

Power: 8/10
Accuracy: 8/10
Rate of Fire: 5/10 (cock, load, fire)

Size: 13"(inches)x5"(inches)
Capacity: 1 round

Features: Sights, Realistic Trigger, "Bullet-Locking"
Flaws: The handles connection to the gun is a little weak.

1: DD-27 Super Pistol Mod
2: DD-27 v2.1

Step 1: Pictures of the Mods

My version of this gun fires yellow/gray rods. I realize that I have provided only a minimal number of pictures of the gun for modifying Jollex's design so if you can't figure out a part of it than just go to his DD27 v2.1 instructable.

1: The Gun With Panels Removed
2: Trigger Mech
3: Back Of The Gun
4: The Top Piece Of The Trigger
5: Bottom View
6: Top View

Step 2: Need Help?

Message me if you get confused!
looks great. could u post instuctions like with the beast pistol (which i made and is great). have you got instructions for a gun with a power rating of 8+
I won't be posting new instructions for this, it isn't a very good gun. I suggest either building the Ultra Pistol or waiting for my new Ultra Pistol 2 to be released. The Ultra Pistol 2 is a near perfect single shot and then reload gun. It's much easier to use, more durable, more accurate, faster to reload, accepts more types of rods, and has a shorter barrel than the first Ultra Pistol, it can also be easily reloaded while running (because of its <em>funnel</em> tipped barrel) and never malfunctions in any way.<br/>
it looks like a revolver =D (one that is awesome)<br/><br/>BTW 5 *'s (5 stars)<br/>
Thanks, here is my new Ultra Pistol.
cool nice when will it be posted?
I'm not sure, instructable is in progress, I have it on a 3D k'nex/lego drafting program called mlcad but I just upgraded the physical one today so that it has a 6 round hopper but still keeps it's sights, pistol-like look, and the full power. So actual pictures probably won't be provided. Unfortunately, this program can only model so much and is missing some pieces, therefore I made certain parts represent other parts by changing their color, and I am not fluent enough with the prgram yet to make instructions for the trigger area, I tried but kept messing it up and had to start it over again and again. My biggest problem is that I am making and improving guns much faster than I can make instructions for them, I improved 3 guns just this week.
Just make it with real knex. Oh and can you mmake a battle rifle that doesn't use really much pieces( a skeleton of something0 ireally want a good rifle and you're a pro..thanks
I made that comment 10 months ago, I'm not sure how much k'nex stuff I will be making in the future, I am either going to be quitting or slowing down a lot to maybe one gun per year.
dont Quit! i love your guns
He made the Z35 assault rifle some time back.
WOW! you've been busy!
Yeah, I fiddle with k'nex at least every other day.
I pick it up maybe, biweekly? When I do, it's a 3-hour build binge.
cool. do you like building with knex?
Well yeah... I just said that I build with k'nex most every day, I have a dozen k'nex guns in my house.
Cool you must have alot of pieces. I only have enough for a pistol and a assault rifle.
I have 2 assault rifles, 2 SMG's, and a lot of pistols.
do you ever take them apart?
I have taken dozens of failures apart, but I keep the best ones that I design or modify.
or the first one does.....
do you have to make the dd27 before you make this?
Nope, just cross reference stuff if you don't understand something. Are you going to build this?
But truthfully, I can't figure out the entire gun based on the 2 pictures you have.
I have more pictures on step 1.
I know, but I'm building handicapped, so without complete instructions I won't be able to build this gun, lol
Are you saying that you can't get to step 1? That's really messed up. Want me to post the pictures on your orange board?
I understand the mods, but there is no instruction on how to make the gun itself.
Oh, well you are just supposed to look at the pictures of the gun I posted on step 1, I build all of my guns without reading much, I always look and build. If it's too hard for you look over Jollex's gun as I said before, find the similarities, and build.
If that doesn't work, then your on your own. Sorry.
Ok I decided not to build this gun a while ago anyway but thx.
Noooooooooo, noone has built any of my k'nex guns yet.
I finished all of them last week!
I would, but I just don't get it, sorry.
I know, I understand. I'm still sad though.
Cookies make me feel better.
Naw, grab a chocolate bar. :)
Fine with me ; )
If the dark side has cookies then who has chocolate bars? Lol.
Why does the dark side have to have the cookies?
Because the care bears stole all the healthy food. XD
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Bio: I paint, write music, and used to build knex guns. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art. - updated 5/7/2014
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