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Introduction: Oblivitus' Knex Sword

About: I paint, write music, and used to build knex guns. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art. - updated 5/7/2014

A knex sword that I made on mlcad. The blade is flimsy, unfortunately. Build it from the pictures. I've provided close ups of all the sections. I suggest starting by building the hilt.

If you build it, post some pictures. I might put them at the end of the slideshow.

I'd like to thank the following people for their pictures:



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    The problem is, qualities needed in a (K'nex) sword are weight (it can't be 5lbs of sword), size (which contributes to weight), and stability. If it's long, it's heavy. If it's stable, it's usually way too heavy. There has got to be a medium line.

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    And one more thing: The sword needs to look (1 - like a sword), and (2 - cool!).

    omg this is so much better than mine I made an instructable for a longsword which is really a shortsword compared to this but can you please check out mine?

    This looks like a neat sword and I would like to build the hilt for my other blade. Could you post some better pics of the hilt please.

    i made a six foot claymore using a similar style blade I will post a few other swords before I post the camore meanwhile check out my tubas and saxophone

    i have 1376 yellow connectors

    0_0 ........

    I have like 100 - 200 i think :P
    lots of them brake or my little brothers and little sister lose them ... I only have knex at my dads which I only go to every second weekend, I tell them not to play with them but they do constantly

    it looks a bit flimsy if you memorize it as a real thing.

    By using it, lol. But I've never made it so I wouldn't know.

    The thing is, when I swing it, it begins to snap then when you swing it again, it all snaps back into place. The sword never breaks apart, lol.

    Since the blade is flimsy, it can now be known as a whip sword. Like a real whip. The blade doesn't have to be strait to hit someone. You can still hit somebody with this if you flex the blade at an angle. don't do that tho, unless the person annoyed you first. Be nice to your surroundings :)

    Finished the sword, It turned out.... Not so strong but its fun!

    Pics below and my foot on the last pictures are a size 8 and a half shoe.

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    10 here bud. :P Beat that....11 year old here.

    Sword blade fail lol.