Step 5: Some Images of the Results

<p>Muy buenos, me gusta! Entretenido y educativo :)</p>
<p>cool , thanks</p>
<p>thanx for share</p>
<p>very cool, just need a 3D printer now :)</p>
<p>Excellent idea</p>
<p>Cute Oblobots &lt;3</p>
<p>Love these the Termomix Machines</p>
<p>really cool robot designs</p>
<p>really cool robot designs</p>
<p>superb bots</p>

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Bio: Co-founder of Makespace Madrid, a new space dedicated to digital and traditional fabrication. Student at MIT FabAcademy 2013 digital fabrication course. Expertise developing creative projects ... More »
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