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Note: this is not a nonsensical group of things I just threw together. My friend, who goes by the name of Quirkro, founded Obscuro Robotics as a lego robot design group. I am the head designer for the Z division, which puts emphasis on brute force and firepower, while he is the designer for the Y division, which focuses more on agility.

Step 1: Z-step Core

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Step 2: Z-1

Picture of Z-1

Step 3: Z-2

Picture of Z-2

Step 4: Z-3

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And those, for now, are all the head designer of the Z division of OR can present to you. I encourage you to make your own, as this is a very versatile robot designing system. Hope u njoyed!



LittleBilly (author)2016-06-24

I want to make a whole army of them

craftclarity (author)2014-06-11

Does Obscuro Robotics have plans for world domination?

DaveDude12 (author)2014-06-08


Very cute!

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