Picture of Obstacle Avoiding Robot
In this tutorial I will work with you in a step by step process explaining through visuals and written instructions on how to create an Obstacle Avoiding Robot Car. This is a simple start up project with the arduino microcontroller and the arduino motor shield.

Bill of materials:
Arduino motor shield
Custom built/bought (ebay) car with motors on each wheel
bread board
ping sensor (ultrasonic distance sensor)
servo motor

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Step 1: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
For the first step I bought a simple 4 motorized car and assembled it.  Before placing the top plastic platform i wired the right hand side motors to a single wire and the same process was done to the left hand side. After connecting the wires, the battery compartments were placed for this example i used a 9V battery to power the arduino and 4 AA batteries to power the motors (however if you want more power input to the motors i suggest adding more AA batteries). Finally the top platform is placed to cover the wiring and batteries.

Step 2: Step 2

Picture of Step 2
For this second step the Arduino, motor shield and distance sensor are all connected and placed on the top platform. The image below is a top view of the final wiring stage. Make sure to connect the external power and the motor wires to the appropriate slot on the motor shield.

Step 3: Step 3

Add the code supplied and watch the robot avoid obstacles!
Message me for the code through instructables and i will email the file. (I cannot figure out how to add text files or copy paste the code to the instructable)
(If car moves too fast or slow change speed values to adjust with the power supplied to the motor shield)

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please send me the code asap!

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cool project

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did he give you the code

MattiaC MattiaC4 months ago


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did you get the code?

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hi sir.. we have a project for this can you send me the code..

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Hello Sir Will you please send me the code on this ID.

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Hello Mr. Lebrend. Will you please mail me the code to me. Mail Id: Also Sir, I dont ve L293 Shield. Though I ve got the IC, I just want to connect it directly. So will you please send me the output pins for motors & servo. Thanks in Advance.

if it's OK. I put a twist with a sainsmart 4wd kit but wired the same way. thanks for the great understandable instructable.
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very clear instructions but

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this is a very good one. i am beginner for this kind of things . so could you please send me the codes and materials briefly.

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Could you send me the source code please? I'd like to learn how to do it !

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did he give you the code

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Hello ! :)
Very nice work you've done here. Could you send me the source code please? I'd love to learn how to do it !
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MattiaC PaulC64 months ago

did he give you the code


Great instructable. Could you send me the code at, Thanks Razz

did he give you the code


i love your project :)

please send me the code asap!

here is my id:

did he send you the code

DNMEBOY6 months ago

this is the only robot i have found that uses the same hardware as mine but you did not post the code....

could you not have just copied and pasted it to your instructable?

could you message me thew code if you have it still?

tbao6 months ago

Hi, I also build smart car as your project. I got stuck around code that I do not know where is error.

Could you send to me your code?


etrejo lujano10 months ago
Email code please? I need it right away.
soufiemaak11 months ago
Hey how are you? I'm making the same but for the motor shield I'm using adafruit. Can you send me the code please if you don't mind?
Hope I will work with it thank you
JACKIELENGZAI11 months ago

Hey Sir! I'm building similar type of robot and complete freshie here! would you mind sharing me with your code at and definitely great thanks to you!

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smithraj1 year ago
I make this type 4wd robot car.. I have Arduino uno r3 board,Adafruit motor shield,4 Bo motors , 4 wd cheeses,1 servo, 1 Ultrasonic distance sensor,some jumber wires , & 9volt Battery for Arduino & 11.1 Battery motor shield supply.. Now i need the code .. pl send the code
Great tut. I was wondering if you could email me a copy of the code so I'll have a template to follow
mhobert1 year ago
Hey, great instructable! I am working on a similar bit with tracks and was wondering if you would send me the code you used so I have a place to start.
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