In this tutorial I will work with you in a step by step process explaining through visuals and written instructions on how to create an Obstacle Avoiding Robot Car. This is a simple start up project with the arduino microcontroller and the arduino motor shield.

Bill of materials:
Arduino motor shield
Custom built/bought (ebay) car with motors on each wheel
bread board
ping sensor (ultrasonic distance sensor)
servo motor


Step 1: Step 1

For the first step I bought a simple 4 motorized car and assembled it.  Before placing the top plastic platform i wired the right hand side motors to a single wire and the same process was done to the left hand side. After connecting the wires, the battery compartments were placed for this example i used a 9V battery to power the arduino and 4 AA batteries to power the motors (however if you want more power input to the motors i suggest adding more AA batteries). Finally the top platform is placed to cover the wiring and batteries.

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Which arduino board did you use?
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