Ocean Storm Oil Painting





Introduction: Ocean Storm Oil Painting

Medium: Oil Paints

Technique: Wet on Wet (Bob Ross)

Time: 2 Hours

Date: July 2009

This is my first ever oil painting! I painted it following one of Bob Ross' painting shows, where he painted a water scape called "Just Before the Storm". Mine turned out to look like during a storm, therefore the title, Ocean Storm. I gave the foam on the waves a "3D" effect, painting on thick, wispy dabs.



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    can i used bob ross tecnique with acrilic ??
    i just bough the canvas ,acrilis paint brushes and the 2 palletes but i don't know where to start.
    the canvas is prime already should i do somethig else before i start to paint

    Bob uses a wet on wet technique that doesnt work well with acrylics but a lot of his methods can be used. If your really interested in learning to paint, a really great forum for artists is wetcanvas.com, artists of all skill levels share their work, ideas and experinces, there are areas for almost every medium and because its artists helping artists its a very informative and friendly site. I often get lost there for hours at a time.

    A ready primed canvas is perfectly fine to use as is although some people prefer to add a coat or more of gesso (primer) the only way you'll know is to experiment. The place to start is to just start putting color on the canvas, get to know your brushes and the medium, how it moves straight from the tube and with added water or other mediums, be sure to keep a mister handy to keep the paints wet or they will skin over quickly on your palette and most of all HAVE FUN

     To make something that good would take me...

    *counts on fingers*

    ...2 days...?

    Just follow one of Bob Ross' videos, and you can paint pictures way better than mine.

    Being a huge fan of Bob Ross I recognized the painting immediately, personally I thought his use of yellow in the 'eye' of the wave was a bit much, I like yours better. You've done a great job capturing the essence of what BR is teaching.

    Though some artists are born great we all get better with practice. Keep up the paitings if you can, I look forward to your next canvas!

    The last two are very impressive! Almost as if it is coming off the canvas, however the first three lack contrast. They are a bit boring. Overall great job, especially for it being your first.

    First ever oil painting, that is very impressive, great job!

    Incredible! Haha, I suck!