Octahedron Model DYI Using Graphing Papers




Introduction: Octahedron Model DYI Using Graphing Papers

This is another way of making 3D models of geometric figures, paper folding using graphing papers. I have made different models of platonic solids using popsicle sticks, construction papers and recycling papers.

An Octahedron has 8 triangular faces. All faces are equilateral triangles. You will find out below on how to make equilateral triangles with pockets in each sides.

This model is great for classroom displays, math centers, home decoration, math project, geometry project and the like.

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Step 1: Materials:

  1. graphing papers
  2. glue
  3. scissor

Step 2: Watch Steps in Video/Slideshow

Step 3: Start With a Square Piece of Paper or Learn How to Make a Square From a Rectagular Piece of Paper.

Prepare 8 square papers. All sizes must be the same.

Step 4: Make 8 Triangles With Pockets on Each Sides.

Use the square papers to make triangles.

Step 5: Make Equilateral Triangle Connectors.

The connector is 1/4 of the size of the square paper you use in making equilateral triangles. See attached video.

Step 6: Connect 8 Triangles Using Glue and Connectors.



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