These pendants are created with the same pieces as the cubes in my origami bracelet. With just one extra fold, you can make a stellated octahedron, I believed it was called an octahedron, I searched images of octahedron and this showed up, but apparently a lot of people make the same mistake. But, thanks to ynze, I now know that it's called a stellated octahedron. I hope you like it!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

I think it looks best when you use three different colors. Since you'll need twelve pieces, I used three sheets that I divided in four pieces. 
So, you'll need:

Three different coloured papers
A piece of wire
A necklace (or just string, whatever you prefer/have)
<p>Nice </p>
<p>This is so nice! I made one!</p>
<p>That's awesome :D :D</p>
this is beautiful <br>
Thank you so much!
Nice !
thank you!
Love it soooo much
superb work!
I'll be teaching math, starting in a couple of weeks. You just gave me an idea about some hands-on math classes :-D
Btw, an octahedron is a volume with 8 faces with the same shape (triangles). They look like two Egyptian pyramids glued together at the base. I think your shape consists of several octahedrons.
Yes, before posting it I searched google images for origami octahedron and the results also showed this model :)
like this one:
It says &quot;stellated&quot; octahedron, meaning gesterrificeerd in keurig Dutch :-) <br> <br>Anyone native in English, please explain to us poor dutch folks what &quot;stellated&quot; means?
It's explained here as: To make or form into a star<br> <a href="http://mathforum.org/library/drmath/view/55003.html" rel="nofollow">http://mathforum.org/library/drmath/view/55003.html</a><br>
There are also examples where it is not called stellated, like here:
The shape in the picture is most definitely not a Octahedron. But gesterrificeerd, yes it is.
This is so pretty. I want one! How large are the papers you used? Could I use post-its? Thank you!
They were 9,5x9,5 cm before dividing them in four, so that will be 4,75x4,75 cm. You could definitely use post-its, although I suggest folding one piece with regular paper first.
Wonderful i can make these for lots of stuff im going to make me and my friend a friendship neckless thank u!!!!!!!
Unbelievable what you can make with paper! I thought there was some kind of support to keep the pieces together...great job!! :)
Thank you!
You're soooo good with origami! how do you come up with these ideas!? btw, lovely pendant :)
Thank you so much! Every idea has its own story, after making the cubes a lot of times I just got curious about what else I could do with the pieces, so I tried an extra fold, and it worked!
Like It!
Tiny and cute :). Despite the tiny shape, it has come up very neat. Great Job :). Thank you for sharing :)
Thank you!

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