Octonauts Polymer Clay Charm





Introduction: Octonauts Polymer Clay Charm

i made this because the characters are very cute and i had a lot of leftover fimo(polymer clay) i hope you enjoy it

Step 1: You Will Need ;

fimo or other polymer clays of lots of colours ( were gonna make a polar bear so white will be a good main colour)
a knife
an eye pin
a baking tray
tin foil

Step 2: Start by Sculpting the Head and Body

take your white clay and soften it up
then form it into a circle
for the body take some dark blue clay and soften it up
make this into a square oval then make slits for the arms
mold this onto the Head
make a slit for the legs and then mold them

Step 3: Add Features

next add the features to the body by adding a belt, a collar and a zip
also add boots and paws to the limbs
next add the face features
eyes,mouth and ears and a little hat

Step 4: Bake It on a Sheet of Tinfoil

bake following the instructions on the polymer clay

Step 5: Finishing Off

once its baked let it cool off
you can glaze them with PVA glue or cool nail varnish to make your creation glossy and strong ( dont worry pva dries clear and shiny)

Step 6: And Your Done!

you can make other characters too

Step 7: Thanks for Looking



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    These are really good! You need to give me some tips.

    Very cute!! My little brother loves the octonauts! I'm gonna make these soon!