Introduction: Octoprint Setup on OrangePiLite

Picture of Octoprint Setup on OrangePiLite

What you need

1. OrangePi Lite (

2. USB Keyboard and Monitor with HDMI cable only for first setup

3. Power Adapter for OrangePi Lite (not an USB one as OrangePi Lite as this board doesn’t take power from USB ports)

Step 1: Install Octoprint

Picture of Install Octoprint

1. Download Orange Pi Lite img from here:

2. Burn to your micro SD card with Win32DiskImager

3. Connect a keyboard and connect to a monitor

4. Login using username: root password: octoprint

5. Type the command “sudo cfdisk /dev/mmcblk0

6. Select the partition called "/dev/mmcblk0p1" with the arrow keys and then select DELETE

7. Make a new one that will use the full size of your sd card.

8. Select WRITE and type YES when confirmation is required.

9. Select QUIT and press Enter.

10. Type “sudo reboot” to and wait for the Orange Pi to reboot.

11. Log in again with user root and run the command “sudo resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p1

12. Type “sudo reboot” to and wait for the Orange Pi to reboot.

13. Log in again and run the command “nmtui”, a network utility will help you to connect to your WiFi network following the instructions.

14. Type “shutdown” to quit and wait for it to turn off.

Step 2: First Access to Octoprint Server

Picture of First Access to Octoprint Server

1. Connect OrangePi to your printer with USB cable

2. Login Octoprint Server opening your browser and navigate to orangeocto.local:5000 or to IP address assigned to OrangePi by your router

3. Follow Octoprint step by step setup

4. When in Software Update tab add /home/pi/OctoPrint/ as your git update path.

5. in Webcam & Timelapse tab replace IP address with your own

For more into about Octoprint,

Step 3: Setup Cura (optional)

Picture of Setup Cura (optional)

From version 2.7 Cura slicer ( can directy be connected to Octoprint and directly send cgode to printer.

1. To setup login to octoprint and from Settings and API tab copy API key

2. Then open Cura and go to Preferences Configura Cura… - Printers. Select your printer and press Connect Octoprint.

3. click Add to setup a new Octoprint instance; fill in Name, IP and Port Number, than input API key.

4. Now you can send prints directly from Cura and monitor status and video streaming.