Introduction: Octopus Hat

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In this project you will be making a fun octopus hat out of a paper bag! This project can be completed by individuals 5 to 500, and makes for a silly rainy-day activity, a creative birthday present, or even a rushed wedding gift.

Step 1: Gather Materials

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For this project, you will need:

(1) size 12 paper bag

(1) marker or pen

(1) pair of scissors

(2) googly eyes

(1) glue stick

(1) ruler

Step 2: Marking the Tentacles

Picture of Marking the Tentacles

Using your ruler, make a small mark at the center of the bag (3.5 inches).

In addition, make 2 marks 1.5 inches from the left and right edges.

They mark where we'll cut the tentacles.

Step 3: Extend the Marks

Picture of Extend the Marks

Using your ruler again, extend the marks down to the bottom of the bag, and up to the bottom edge of the flap.

Step 4: Cut the Tentacles

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Using your scissors, cut along the black lines. Cut from the bottom of the bag to the bottom edge of the flap.

Step 5: Add Eyes

Picture of Add Eyes

Lift the flap up and use your glue stick to glue the googly eyes onto the bag as pictured.

Step 6: Cut the Corner Tentacles

Picture of Cut the Corner Tentacles

Open your bag up by putting your hand inside. Cut along the edge of the corner to make 2 tentacles.

Step 7: Curl Your Tentacles

Picture of Curl Your Tentacles

For younger children, wrap the tentacles around the marker to give them a curl.

For older children, use the scissors as picture and run them along the tentacle to give them a curl.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Hat!

Picture of Enjoy Your Hat!

Wear your sweet octopus hat and tell your friends how you caught it with your bare hands.


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