This is an instructable on how to make a masquerade mask octopus style. This was not the planned project for this valentines day, but was much better than my actual idea so I squashed my efforts in a chocolate octopus and decided to make this. Every year I make a pure chocolate sculpture of a favorite animal. In years past I have made a pterodactyl, a brontosaurus, a cat, and this year was going to be the sexy octopus god. Instructables is a great place to share such projects, but I think an octopus mask definitely is way cooler than chocolate (in this case) and maintains the sexy theme of valentines day with a great masquerade mask. The inspiration for this awesome mask comes from an artist named Phillip Valdez who made the mask shown in the last image on this introduction page.

Step 1: Print Templates I - Mask

First, take an approximate measurement of how big your head is. As in, how far apart your eyes are and how far from your eyes to the top of your head. Just keep these numbers in mind when printing so you get the ratio right (you can always print again!)

Now if you have a cardboard printer, now is the time to use it (I wish I had one). For those without fancy awesomeness, just a regular black and white printer is all you need (or trace off a monitor, etc). 

Print off the two images on this step. Ignore that the image is messy, it wont matter.

Next, tape the paper to a nice piece of cardboard. Grab an x-acto blade and trace cut your image onto a firm sheet of cardboard (good cardboard). Start be cutting the lines closest to the center, this will help you avoid ripping the paper latter, along with keep the paper taped in place properly.

Do this for both images. It doesn't matter if you use exactly the same type of cardboard.

Finally, you will need to make a cloned duplicate of the shape of each piece. So you will have two face pieces and two whatever-shaped pieces. HOWEVER, you only need to make one copy of each nice and pretty. The duplicate only needs to be a solid cutout to go behind the intricate image so you can paint a background.

Wait, not done yet-- you will need to make a somewhat complicated bend in the face mask piece(s), both of them. Make a cut through the cardboard (in the location commented in the picture) and then push the halves together to get the mask to bend as if to fit your faces bend a bit. You will have to do this for that piece's duplicate as well except the cut will be much larger to get the bend to work right (cut about half the mask down on that piece). Ask questions in the comments space if you have any...

Set these aside for now and continue to the next step...
Dancing in a ball *man wispers* "Hail Hydra"
<p>very nice and creative post. thank you very much for sharing, i was very helpful to me,</p>
Amazing thanks for sharing this, it's going to be part of a pair costume I'll upload some photos in December xxxx
Please do!
I love this mask---I may have to find time to make this mask as I want this mask!!!! Fantastic.
I agree! I have made several since making the first. If time is a concern, you could always have the most complicated piece (the mask) laser cut through a service like ponoko. It wouldn't cost much do cut cardboard / cardstock / whatever you want it cut out of. I include all the image files below, but I have been meaning to update this ible with the SVG files for printing for anyone who wants them. I will post them later tonight when I get home. I would still recommend hand cutting the others since they are a lot easier and can't justify the cost of laser cutting.

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