Step 2: Print Templates II - Tentacles

Picture of Print Templates II - Tentacles
under left arm.jpg
uppermost arm octo.jpg
Again, print these 3 images and cut-trace them onto cardboard. You do not need duplicates for the backs of these. HOWEVER you DO need two pairs of each tentacle so that you have a set for the left and right sides, each. So this makes you 6 pieces, following? Now you are probably wondering "why only 6? why not 8? octopodes have 8, right!?!?!" Yes. To make the last (2) tentacles I just inverted the very top tentacle (labelled in pictures) and made an additional 2 of that piece, bringing us to 8 tentacles total.

If that confused you, just look at the final mask picture and then come back to here. It should make sense... eventually?
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