We don't have a television (nor do we want one).  We sometimes let the kids watch a movie or Sesame Street on the mac mini we set up as a media center.  Unfortunately, one of our 18 month old twins likes to grab the mouse.  Usually that stops Sesame Street and the other twin cries.

We needed a place to put the mouse when not in use so it doesn't get stolen by a naughty kid.  It had to be easily accessible for us but not for the kids, and it had to be visible so we wouldn't forget where the mouse was.

I wanted to make it look interesting and to hold different models in case this mouse gets broken.  Octopus tentacles do a great job of holding oddly shaped things.  Polymer clay can make a nice looking octopus, but using strictly polymer clay doesn't leave the tentacles themselves very grippy, and the mouse could easily slide out if not placed correctly.  Then, of course, there's the problem of attaching the octopus to a surface.

That's where Sugru comes in.

Step 1: Make the Wire Frame

Cut four lengths of stiff wire a bit more than twice as long as your octopus would be from head to tip of tentacle if he were stretched out.  Fold these wires into a loop.  Twist the loop so that the wires stay together with the cut ends at one side and the loop at the other.

Find the shortest loop of the four.  Flatten it slightly and turn it perpendicular to the other three loops, making sure the other loops arch over it.  Find the next shortest loop.  Flatten it slightly so it can barely fit over the shortest loop and turn it so it's at an angle with the first loop.  Continue with the other two loops until the four loops form a vaguely ball-like shape.

Spread out the eight ends of wire; these will be the tentacles of the octopus.  Take a thin wire and wrap it around and over one of the tentacles near the body.  Wrap it over and around the next wire, then the next.  Keep wrapping around and around, forming a small spiral with the thin wire.  This weblike structure will add strength and stability to the octopus.

Every so often as you wrap, test your octopus on your monitor to make sure it'll fit.  I made the bottom webbing longer so I could bend it to conform to the shape of the monitor.  I used a book to support it while I was working on it.

Use a mouse to help figure out where to bend the tentacles.  Use a round nosed pliers to help you bend the tentacles into an aesthetically pleasing curly design.

Wrap the thin wire around the wires in the head like you did for the tentacles.  This will add strength and make it easier to apply the polymer clay.
I looove this! I tried making an octopus from Sugru once and it did not go well but I may try again after seeing this.
Octopus yayayayay!
It almost looks alive!
that turned out really nice! i would love to see something like this, but enlarged, to do things like, maybe even be the actually computer stand. im sure there would have to be a change of materials, but it would go right along with the mouse holder.
The octopus is awesome! Good job!<br><br>
Coolest. Instructable. Ever. 5 stars.
Great 'ible! One question though, if you weren't making the octopus to grip things (like the mouse), but just because they look cool and you like them, can you just use more clay for the suckers, or would you still have to use sugru? (Also, I have absolutely no idea where to get sugru, do you just buy it online?)
Version 2 could support a wireless mouse, with receiver and charging station embedded in it. <br>Very very nice, 5 stars. Also congrats on winning!
Awesome, 5 *
this. . . is made. . . of AWESEOME! lol now to devise a way to make it cat proof for my sister. . . .
horns and tails not pictured! LOL <br>only parents understand parents!
Awesome! Great job! Keep it up! ;)
for a short term fix you could remove the ball/ tape over the laser!
but... we use the mouse often... the baby grabs the mouse when something is playing on the monitor. We use the mouse to play something on the computer or to turn it off.
i might just make this just for the octopus! awesome idea, my niece keeps on playing with the mouse too, might have to do something like this too...
that's very cute and a very cool idea!! the possibilities are endless!

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