Step 2: Make the polymer clay body

Choose some colors of polymer clay.  I used purple, translucent, and copper.  You can mix them completely or roll them into long logs, squash them together, roll them thinner, fold them together, and roll thinner again to make thin stripes in your dough.

Flatten a piece of dough and wrap it around the head of the octopus.  Add additional clay to cover wires, if needed.  Flatten a different color of dough and cover the webbing between the tentacles, both on top and on the bottom.

Roll out eight long, thin pieces of dough.  Attach the thick end of the dough snakes to the body and press the length of them around each wire.

Roll out eight more snakes and press them along the tentacles near the body to make them thicker.  You'll want the tentacles to taper gently toward the tips of the tentacles.  Hold the clay covered octopus in place to make sure it still fits properly.