Step 4: Add sugru to the tentacles

Even with the limitations on detail, I'd have loved to make the entire octopus out of wire and Sugru.  The Sugru is a bit pricey to use so much of it, though.  Please take note, Sugru owners; there are some applications that require more Sugru than a tiny little packet, and it might be good to have economy packs available for larger jobs.

The Sugru is important to properly grip the mouse.  First, choose one or two colors for the underside of the tentacles.  I mixed orange and blue for this, one packet of each.  Roll the mixed Sugru into a snake, then slice into eight equal portions.  Roll each portion into a long thin snake and position it carefully along the underside of each tentacle from center of octopus to tip of tentacle.  Get a cup of soapy water.  Dip your fingers in it.  Smooth each thin snake of Sugru into the tentacles, pressing it so it will stick to the baked polymer clay.  It will stick to the clay, but it likes to stick to fingers even more.  The soapy water will help a lot.  When your tentacle undersides are completely smooth and covered to your liking, consider the color of Sugru for the suckers.

I used about 1/3 packet of black with 1 packet of orange Sugru for the suckers.  Mix thoroughly, roll into a very thin snake, and start slicing off tiny little bits.  Roll those bits into balls and stick them randomly into the Sugru lined underside of the tentacles.  Take a wooden skewer and gently push the pointed end into the ball to form an indentation and attach it more securely to the tentacle.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  The package says you have 30 minutes of work time.  It's not a joke.  If you want to get all the little suckers made and attached while your Sugru still sticks, hurry.  You might want a partner to help you; one can roll snakes, slice them, and roll little balls while the other attaches them.

Quick, find a use for the rest of the Sugru before it gets too stiff!  I let Josh put the black stuff somewhere (I actually have no idea what he did with it) while I saved the leftover brown for attaching the octopus to the monitor.
Noah9724 years ago
Great 'ible! One question though, if you weren't making the octopus to grip things (like the mouse), but just because they look cool and you like them, can you just use more clay for the suckers, or would you still have to use sugru? (Also, I have absolutely no idea where to get sugru, do you just buy it online?)