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Introduction: Octopus Plush

Simple tutorial to make a cute octopus plushie

Pattern link: - http://www.mediafire.com/?lrg1kh39xbjlfqb


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Step 1: The Pattern

Grab the pattern from the attachments, print, cut out and begin to trace it onto the felt pieces (One dark colour and one light)

Use any colour you want ^.^

Step 2: Sewing the Tentacles

Once you have the pieces cut out you can begin sewing the body.

Put the bad sides of both tentacle pieces together and sew a blanket stitch around, leaving a small gap to turn it around later

Step 3: Sewing the Head

Put your bad sides together and sew a blanket stitch around all the pieces

Leave a small gap to turn this around too

Step 4: Flip + Stuff (Tentacles)

Flip the tentacle piece out the right way. This took me a bit of time but it helped to push all the tentacles in first then try to pull them out of the hole.

Then you can stuff it and sew up the gap using a hidden stitch

Step 5: Flip + Stuff (Head)

Stuff the head and sew the gap closed using a hidden stitch

Step 6: Final Touches

You can sew on the head onto the body now or after adding eyes and the heart

Sew the heart onto the top of the head, just above where the eye will sit

Then use buttons or felt and black thread to sew on the eyes

Step 7: Finished!

And that's how you make this little cute plushie :)




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    Thanks :)

    Nope, no idea what those are haha.

    Love that pun! :P

    Many thanks for your generosity in providing both pattern and instructions. Perfect for very young children.

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    You're welcome :)

    Yea they are so simple and cheap to make! Good kids craft activity

    These are too cute! Great work!

    They are so cute, thanks for posting!

    1 reply

    Aha thanks :)

    Adorable and sweet

    Thank you :)