A fun project, involving some sawing, cutting, glueing, etc. great for Halloween, or making friends with a marine biologist.
Doesn't take too long, and especially great if you like tedious work.
Stuff you need:
Thread (optional - 2 colors)
Felt - 2 colors
Fabric glue
4 wires
Sewing machine (optional)

Step 1: Measuring and Cutting the Fabric

First step - measuring the fabric and marking the pattern. I used a little scarf for the pattern. Basically it's 160 cm long, and 12 cm at the widest point in the middle.
For the fabric itself - I think a medium weight fabric would work best. Different colors could also work.
Super-cute, easy, and awesome. :D
I thought it will look great with snaps - the inner side kind of looks like a sucker. But it would make it heavy and expensive ..,
Exactly. Two pipe cleaners per side, then some more stitches to fix their position (I can add some photos)
Nice, I would have thought you used velcro dots as the suckers. When you fling the scarf over your shoulder it would grab on to things, even the scarf if it was the right material. Might be fun to make a set for couples.
That is awesome! What kind of wires did you use? Pipe cleaners?

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