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I served this up using chicken wieners but regular ones would be fine. Cut eight legs, leaving about an inch for the head. Boil up the wieners in a pot, the legs will curl in the hot water. Take them out and set aside. Use the wiener water, drain out a bit, and boil up some "Mr. Noodle" soup or whatever brand you buy. Add the flavour packet, I had chicken, and a few drops of green food colouring, give it a good stir.  Drain the whole works, place noodles on a plate and set the "Octopus" on top. Decorate the face (or have the kids do it), I used mustard and a couple dabs of ketchup. My kids ate them right up, and they don't even like mustard!


kretzlord (author)2011-09-15

the boys are gonna love this!

kansasa (author)kretzlord2011-09-16

That's great when boys will like it! (I have an 8 yo boy and he's so much fussier than his 13 yo sister lol!)

WUVIE (author)2011-09-10

Oh my gosh, this is adorable!

kansasa (author)WUVIE2011-09-11

Thanks Wubie! :)

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