Introduction: Odd-Shaped Window Treatment

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I have a window that looks like this. It's pretty, but it lets in a lot of light. I wanted to find a way to cover it, at least sometimes.

This should also keep things cooler during the summer.

Step 1: Measure

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I measured it so that I'd know what I had to buy.

Step 2: Materials Needed

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I wound up using the following items:

  • Threaded rod (about 1/4"). It doesn't have to be threaded, but this is what they had.
  • Drapery large enough to cover the window. I wanted it to be opaque (and thought it was). More on that later.
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks.
  • Blackout fabric (because the drapery material wasn't opaque).
  • Metal hook to hang the finished item.

Step 3: Bend the Rod

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In my case (yours will vary depending on the window shape) I needed to bend the rod into the correct shape. I used the curved back of a wooden chair (covered with a dish towel so that I wouldn't scratch it).

Step 4: Lay Out and Glue

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I laid out the fabric and used the hot glue gun to form it around the half-circle rod.

Step 5: Fail

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The fabric was wrinkly and not opaque.

We'll fix that in the next two steps.

Step 6: Fix Wrinkles: Iron It

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Step 7: Fix Opacity: Add Blackout Fabric

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  • I bought blackout fabric (it looks like the stuff old spring-type window shades are made of.
  • Traced the outline of the existing drapery and cut it out.
  • Hot glued it onto the back of the drapery.

Step 8: And... Done.

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