OodAmmo Slingshot [Oblivitus]





Introduction: OodAmmo Slingshot [Oblivitus]

This is Oblivitus' Oddamo Slingshot.... all credit to him :)

So just watch the video and that will explain everything.......

Remember to check you Oblivitus' channel: https://www.instructables.com/member/Oblivitus/
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So lets get building!!!

Step 1: Barrel

This should be easy.

Remember to add in the blue and yellow rods where shown.
Remember to build *2* but only one with the rods connected then when the two have been built connect them together!

Step 2: Stock

Again  just follow the notes.

You need to build *2* of these, And connect them together with blue rods.


Step 3:

You need to blue four of those band holders. You also need 6 blue spaces.

Should be easy.

Step 4: Mag

This is the part where the trigger and ammo goes.

Step 5: Trigger Mech and Holder.

This will teach you to build the trigger mech and its holder. Remember to build 2 holders. You need to build the trigger and leave it to the side untill it get's put together.

Step 6: Handle.

Do not connect the handle yet. The next step will show you how. This handle is different to the original but I chose to build it like this because it's lighter and just as strong. 

Step 7: Connecting.

This step is showing you how to connect everything together.

Picture 1: Stock & Body and barrel,
Picture 2: Mag & Body,
Picture 3: Trigger & Trigget holder and Mag,
Picture 4: Butt of the stock.

Step 8: Elastic Bands.

Place the bands like this on the band holders.

Step 9: Mods

These are a few mods I came up with whilst toying with the gun making it better.

Picture 1: Stops the oodammo flicking upwards.
Picture 2: Safety catch. Slide it in and out to make it work.

Step 10: All Done!

Well done! You've got this far so go outside and have some fun! Remeber dont shoot any animals or people! I dont take any responsiblity for anything you break injure or kill,

Speacial thanks to OBLIVITUS visit his channel and drop him a comment : https://www.instructables.com/member/Oblivitus/ 




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    Thanks! Nice instructions, I looked at all the steps. 5 stars.

    Hey Oblivitus, is it alright if I modify your trigger mechanism for my own gun?

    Yes, give me credit on the intro step of the instructable if you do.

    Thanks! And thanks to you for the idea! 5 stars to you too. :P

    best slingshot I've ever seen! 5*

    This is a great gun thanks for posting and thanks oblivitus for creating

    13, 7:12 PM.jpg

    No. but it would be uncomftable.

    5 stars for very well put together instructable and a sub for building from an idea and a few

    Did you subscribe to Oblivitus? You should subscribe to him as it's his idea.