Ode to Quilting Afghan


Introduction: Ode to Quilting Afghan

This afghan was born out of my love for quilting and knitting. Each of the blocks is made by knitting several individual pieces and seaming them together to form a 12-inch square. The squares are then seamed together to form a 36-inch afghan. 5 buttons adorn the middle square.

The afghan will be donated to the International Fiber Collaborative (http://www.internationalfibercollaborative.com/).

Pattern: My Own Design; The free pattern for each block is listed on my blog: www.KnittedGems.com.
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool
Tools: Size 5 knitting needles and 5 buttons



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    I have gone to the knittedgems.com website, but don't know how to find your pattern. Can you give me more infomation? I notice it wasposted in 2008, so maybe it's no longer there?

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    Thanks! I love this (these) patterns. I wan not able to get them to print, but possibly my system is the problem. I will keep trying... can' wait to get started. It is beautiful!

    I do not have the Ode to Quilting afghan listed with my free tutorials, it is true. I am in the process of revamping it and hope to repost it later this year. Until then, on my knittedgems.com site, if you scroll down, you'll find a search block. Enter in "Ode to Quilting" and it will pull up each and every block that I knit for the afghan along with the instructions. Or click this link: http://knittedgems.com/?s=ode+to+quilting. Thanks for your interest. I'm glad you love the afghan. It was fun to knit and design.

    It was really fun to follow along on your blog as you developed this afghan, a really neat project.

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    Thank you, GloriousHats! It's funny to think that it all started from a Christmas present two years ago. My friend gave me a basket of Lion Brand Wool, each a different color. At first, I hadn't a clue what to do with it. Then, my quilting book inspired me and I was off.

    Beautiful work! I love the mix of styles and color.

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    Thank you very much, Canida!

    Super quilt!! Good use of design and color and movement! Kudos to you!! Great look, and alot of patience and work. Vicki

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    Thank you, Vicki! You are right about the patience; it took a long time. I even threw it into hibernation for a few months to revive my energy. Yet, I had a blast designing each block and it was a joy to watch it come together. Thanks again!

    Cool job! And if you were wondering, you can reply to the comments by clicking the orange REPLY button, then we can know you replied to us on our orangeboard things.

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    Thank you, GorillazMiko, for your kind words on my afghan. And thank you for explaining how to respond to the comments. I think I did it wrong the first time. =)

    Thank you so much, Jo2308 and RiverCitystl!

    I love it - you're very clever!