Solar power supply turns on a 12v fan when temperature rises past 80°F, automatically

Step 1: Components Needed

1. Duct tape.
2. 12v battery, rechargeable. (I salvaged one from an old electric dirt bike)
3. Scrap wire (that can handle 12v)
4. bits of metal for the clips.
5. 12v Solar panel with fuse, clips, and blocking diode. (AutoZone, $23)
6. Female car socket with alligator clips.
7. 12v thermistor relay switch. (eBay.com, $5-$7 USD.)
8. wire stripper tool.
9. A container that would work as a water resistant casing.
10. 12v car fan
11. small Phillips screwdriver

<p>Where is the tent?</p>

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