This was a project my son and I started when he was five. We spent almost every Saturday and many evenings working together, and it still took almost 12 months to complete.

The buggy was built to specifications provided by Edge Products, based on an older model Trax II build.
Our goal was to build something a child or adult could ride safely, but was tough, powerful and fast enough to be heaps of fun.

We wanted to fabricate as many parts as possible ourselves, but be able purchase those that proved beyond us.The plans from Edge Products are comprehensive and provided details on the fabrication and assembly of every part required to build the machine, with the exception the engine, clutch, steering wheel, disk brakes and calliper, seat and wheel rims; this still leaves a long list of parts to be made.

The Trax relies solely on its ATV's to smooth out the bumps, and let me tell you, smooth ain't the word for it. That said, doing 60kph, you could slam on the anchors, spin the steering wheel and turn her about-face without going on two wheels; very stable and heaps of fun in the mud puddles.

Anyone wanting to build a go cart or off-road buggy might find some pointers from this article: Build a Go-Kart or Off-road Buggy

Tools and Equipment Required
  • Welder
  • Cut off Saw
  • Drill Press (various sized twist drills and hole saws)
  • One Metre rule
  • Protractor bevel
  • Tape measure
  • Spanners
  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hand drill
  • Angle grinder
  • Hand files
  • Bench with Bench vice (not essential but very handy)
  • Lathe
I didn't have a lathe, so parts like bushes, rear wheel hubs, drive hubs and keyways I either bought or got a local machine shop to fabricate.

Enjoy the photos and if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer as best I can.
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Very Awesome! I can't wait to see yours design!
lcoffey118 days ago

Love your design! i plan to build a similar kart. :-) could you please send me the blueprints lukecoffey15@gmail.com

Love your design
Would you be able to to share the plans with me - Douglas.widdows@gmail.com
DUMANAD1 month ago
Great design. can you please share the plans? Aduman2008@gmail.com
Uuganbayar4 months ago

Dear FRIEND, good job.

But i need a detail plan with a any size and. More detail picture

whitley19994 months ago
Can you send me the blue prints at Austinwhitley124@gmail.com
Alberte254 months ago
Can u send me ur go kart blueprints to my Gmail.. Alberte25.ea@gmail.com
jsure6 months ago
Bro please send me you're kart blueprints to my email id .. please help me out in starting a project (surejaswanth@gmail.com )
edvinasuzd7 months ago
Hey, maybe if you have blueprints plz send it to me. edvinasuzdravis@gmail.com
Thx you a lot dude:)
RashmiP8 months ago

hi me and my dad are planning on making an off road buggy could u tell me how to start on this project and could u please send me the blueprints on aryanpdr@gmail.com

Hi buddy ...

Are you able to send me the blueprints for the go kart .. It looks great and want to start building it

I have a honda engine ready to go


please send to olivermirasol@hotmail.com

can you email me the blueprints


Did you got blueprints? Can you send me them on jernejprimc@gmail.com ? Please? :)

jernej.primc10 months ago

@parrster what if you would scan or photo the plans and send them on somenes e.mail (perhaps mine) and then he or she would resend them to anyone who would want them?

@parrster could you plz email me th blueprints/instructions and measurements


Did you got blueprints? Can you send me them on jernejprimc@gmail.com ? Please? :)

parrster (author)  kwilkerson31 year ago
Sorry Kwilkerson, but I don't have digital copies of the plans. You can download them from here
nikhil941 year ago

please can you mail me the blueprints to nikhilchandrasenchouhan@gmail.com

really want to build it


Did you got blueprints? Can you send me them on jernejprimc@gmail.com ? Please? :)

Can you send the blueprints to Mattbradley77@hotmail.com


Did you got blueprints? Can you send me them on jernejprimc@gmail.com ? Please? :)

jernej.primc10 months ago

Hey =)
Can you please send me blueprints with measures on mail? Pleasee, I will be very very gratefull :)
mail is jernejprimc@gmail.com

Please, send me, make me a very happy person :)

Good job! I'm looking forward to build a buggy like yours, but I don't know if I can afford to buy the row parts (I'm 15 years old and I'd like to build it with some friends). How much did the whole kart cost?

thank you

Jack Moran1 year ago


What are the measurements

Looking good mate!! How much did the project cost you in the end? How did you bend the frame? Did you send the drawings off to get the parts made or did you bend them yourself?

parrster (author)  Phil Reilly1 year ago
Hey Phil, To tell the truth, I can no longer remember what the total cost was, I think it was getting up to $2K. I purchase a 12 tonne hydraulic bender from eBay. Just a cheapie made in China, but did the job. I bent everything myself by drawing out the frame work full scale on my garage floor with chalk, then slowly bending and checking against the drawing, bending, checking until it was perfect. The only parts I was able to make myself were those requiring a lathe.
Are you thinking of building one?

Looks really good! Yeah I am toying with the idea although not overally sure where I would be able to drive it! I defo think theres more open road / off road in australia!!

I might end up making a petrol rc car but would much rather be able to make a buggy like yours!

at277761 year ago
Can you send the steps
R.martins1 year ago
pode me enviar o projecto com as medidas dos tubos nos diferentes passos
I wonder its the total cost?
cooper20132 years ago
how long did it take
hey what are the dimensions ( length with and height just the frame not including wheels and stuff
parrster (author)  jeremynoel982 years ago
Hey Jeremy, Overall length is 1850mm; overall width is 1300mm; overall height is 1320mm; Rear track is 1000mmm, front track 980; wheelbase is 1310mm and ground clearance is 220mm. For more info regarding this model, see www.edge.au.com
sorry I don't like it its not very good
mhez3 years ago
I love to see how you setup clutch system..
you copied the honda odyssey fl250 roll cage
parrster (author)  michaelromeo3 years ago
They do look similar. The company who provided the plans I followed may have got the idea from the Odyssey. Well spotted. Do you ride buggies at all?
i was wondering, would a subaru robyn enginebe good enough for something that size?:
2000 or 4000 rpm
single cylindar
i'm thinking of making one like that but with suspension
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