Off Grid Propane Powered Hot Tub





Introduction: Off Grid Propane Powered Hot Tub

Ever wanted to relax in a hot tub under the stars !?

Step 1: Find Cast Iron Tub .

We found this on Craig's List for 100 $

Step 2: Clean Said Tub !

We used Fume free oven cleaner and let it set over night. This one was REALLY SMELLY ! dont fret it will look like new after you clean it.

Andre testing it out BEFORE we cleaned it !

Step 3: Paint Tub Your Desired Color .

We used regular green latex paint.

Step 4: Buy Propane Burner and Regulator Hose

These were about 100$ together . it comes in one and two burners as well.(cheaper) but will take longer to warm up.

Step 5: Fill With Hose Heat and Enjoy !

We put it up on 2x4 blocks to get the burner to fit .I cant stress enough you CAN NOT sit in the tub while warming. Turn off burners and wait 5 to 10 before attempting to bath. Although I leave the front burner on low while im in the tub and it works great!



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    Nice, as we just took a very pint size one out of the bathroom. I'm going to use the paint and summer sun for now, till our new bath is in, then I'll think about what to do with the tub... outside bathing's nice though, and the curtains are a great addition, against unexpected visitors!

    Love the idea and I'm going to build one. If I may add to some other suggestions, some perforated steel around the burners just to keep towels or slippers and such from being kicked into the flame.

    How warm is the water

    Have you used it in the winter time?

    you can boil the water if you like ! Human stew jk ! Yes it takes a 45 mins in the winter to warm up to 104 where my wife likes it . Summer only takes about 20 to 25 mins.

    You just eliminated a ton of hassles for me!
    I am "stealing" your idea.

    Crossing the street is dangerous too ..thankfully my wife knows how to read a thermometer .

    seems very unsave, throw some carrots onions and other veg in and you got a nicely cooked human if its too hot

    cool ! u could prob increase efficiency by putting some metal side walls, maybe 6" away from burners so that the heat doesnt just go up around the tub and over but much could be collected and less spill out into the atmosphere , some kind of shielding, -- just concentrates more heat to the tub and less going up to the outside air ...

    This is so cool! I love the concept of not having power but having a warm hot tub! Thanks for sharing!