Offboard Power Supply in Altiods Tin





Introduction: Offboard Power Supply in Altiods Tin

I tinker with electronics in the garage, mostly stompboxes for my guitar. I have two sizes of breadboards and like to use the small one pictured. Cleaned up DC power took too much space on the breadboard, so I mounted it offboard.

Step 1: Design a Circuit.

Moditied schematic I found on the web.

Step 2: Populate the Perfboard

Layout and populate the board, solder connections, hot glue in place. (Make sure bottom of perfboard is off the tin at least 1/8", or it will short out). Wire remaining parts, test.



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      There was a tradition in ham radio circles to build things into tunafish cans, and I used to have a collection of spice cans being saved for projects as well. And band-aid tins. In fact, I have so many saved hypothetical "project boxes" that I've run out of room for actual parts (ok, not really.)

      Here's the link to the circuit. Hope this helps. Al Toid

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      I'd like to see a bit more detail on the construction as well.

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      Sorry. This was my first post. I built this 8 months ago and didn;t keep very good notes. The pictures you see are all I have. Next time I'll take pic's of the circuit board. Al Toid

      Three comments: 1. Parts list please! 2. A photo of a simple schematic like this is ok, but get a little closer to it with the camera and make sure you're shooting straight down at it. 3. Looks useful, I might build one for when I'm working on small projects and don't want to disconnect my powersupply from it's current project.

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      My camers won't allow me to get any closer. I've tried with some of my builds and they are blury. As far as the list, all components except the battery snap, switch, Altoids tin, wire and glue, are on the schematic...oh yeah...3/4" of 1/16" heat shrink tubing... If you really need a list give me a few days and I'll generate one. Al Toid

      I can't remember the exact site, but it was one of the "DIY efects pedal" or "DIY Stompbox" type sites. Google these and you'l find several sites. It was in one with a question and answer forrum...hope this helps. Al Toid

      Here is a link to a schematic that would allow you to switch between the various voltages. You could easily modify this to have multiple outputs.

      Do a Google search.