Picture of Office Booby trap
This is a fun little Booby Trap that fires objects when a trip wire is pulled.
It is made from a few simple items that can be found around the office or home.

Needless to say, be careful what you fire at people.

Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
3 Paper clips
Bottle Top
Rubber Band
Pliers (Needle-nose)
2 Drawing Pins
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MaxA139 days ago

This is genius, I super-sized this and made it fit in my school locker, attaching the string to the door. The string goes through to the outside through the secondary lock hole, with 3 chain links tied to it. On top of it all, there is a key-lock on the chain, preventing someone from simply disarming it. on the outside you only see a chain link and key-lock, but can still open easily. so open the locker and... snap! It slings a plastic long-dart straight at them. and to dis-arm it from the outside, remove the lock.

rackhh2 months ago

not to shabby

rackhh2 months ago
Master Wasi 4710 months ago

i like it

GR-2 years ago
It didn't work for me! I think my paper clips were too weak or something?? When I hooked the rubber band in place it would just pull back the paper clips instead of stretching the elastic
apashine GR-1 year ago

try using matchsticks and strengthining them with hot glue

Like LIke LIKe

genemc1 year ago

why would jesus be perfect?


wwr2 years ago
whats the how to do it
violent easy awesome a favorite for gaurding candy
Chuck2102 years ago
I followed the steps step by step yet it only shoots 3 inches. Any suggestions?
ramayana2 years ago
its the best among all instructables.i like this the most.
Sassah1222 years ago
This is the best instructable I HAVE SEEN SO FAR
cool but to hard
I think its an easy trap...
fishbob12343 years ago
a great way to get fired! but still a great idea!
This looks brilliant!
I'm thinking of adapting this to fire pens (http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Best-Damn-Pen-Shooter-Period./).
If i can get it working i'll upload it, should result in pretty good accuracy
jaberwaukee3 years ago
YOUR A FREAKING GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
neelsarode6 years ago
this takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Heat a nail over a fire and then poke it at the desired spot. It works, literally, like a hot knife through butter.
Or use the heated nail as projectile

Your'e joking right?
hell make me very mad wake up to 500 of these with heated nails by your bedside
doing to brother now
you were the 500th comment!
Just saying :P
 and it would cool down after a wile
 OUCH. but it would melt through the plastic, unless u used something metal
markie3 years ago
thanx, this is the one i make. very nice for in the classroom XD
nice i like how u made the lower supports so it doesn't collapse in on itself
andyrewgr3 years ago
i built this, you forgot to mention that you need tou use SMALL paperclips, I found out the hard way, DON'T FIND OUT THE HARD WAY
I used a drill. much easier! I LOVE this instructable! 5 stars for sure! 20 if I could!
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