Step 11: Finished! - Try it out

Picture of Finished! - Try it out
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It is now time to test your Booby Trap.

To load your Booby Trap simply pull back the Rubber Band and hook it on the Latches hook.
Then put whatever projectile you wish in front of the Rubber Band. You'll be surprised how far it shoots the object.

Below is a video of me testing the Booby Trap to make sure everything was working correctly.

Click here to view the video
*The video has been deleted from the original service I'd uploaded it to. I will be uploading it to YouTube shortly.

I wanted to make my Booby Trap more sensitive after filming this video. So altered the angle of the latches hook.

Comments, Pictures and Ideas are all greatly appreciated.

Any updates to this How-To will appear on my website
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Sassah1222 years ago
This is the best instructable I HAVE SEEN SO FAR
Danny14333 years ago
really cool i made it just then
llamma10104 years ago
Dead link Dead link
Dead link Dead link

signing out
PocketSized (author)  llamma10103 years ago
My apologies, I'd completely forgotten about that link.
It used to link to my old website, which I am in the process of changing. I can assure you however that there have been no updates to this Instructable.
You're back!
I was worried that you left or you died because your website was down for a while.
I joined because of your(this one) instructable!
PocketSized (author)  dombeef3 years ago
lol, I've been very much alive.
My goodness! Having just looked at your Instructables I remember coming across your paper claw over at Make Magazine and wanting to make one. I'm glad to have played a role (if only very small) in getting you to sign up and show your obvious talents.

I still routinely visit the site and partake in personal projects however very rarely post anything. I think I may just have to start posting new projects again. Even if very small "booby trap" ones. Especially if it encourages more people to join the site and share their projects.
Yeah, I have gone from my first bad instructable to making (I think) very good feature worthy instructables! I really thank you for bringing me here(not intentionally, but it still counts) to instructables! If I didn't see instructables before I would be totally different and I wouldn't have made any of the instructables that I posted!

I also have an instructable that is coming up that is better than all my instructables combined, or at least I think so, I was a finalist in two contests in a row, and I didn't win anything, so I am making this "secret" project for now so I wouldn't just be a finalist next time, but a winner hopefully.

And I am glad that you are back, I hope to see some more of your instructables soon! I have made a few every now and then since I saw this instructable.
yup its dead...
nikhilodeon4 years ago
The video doesntnwork on iPad WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
aalonzo14 years ago
man dud this is awsome i am about to make 1 :)
its bad A$$! (that wasn't cursing)
nunchucker4 years ago
You could have the trip wire come out the front so someone trips on the string and gets hit by whatever.
yaly nunchucker4 years ago
I modified mine and added a small solinoide from an old laptop cd rom and a radio control system so i can operate it remotely.
yaly4 years ago
it looks so cute, so inocent but behind this all is a beast ! You can also hit it in black paint so it isn't easy to find or see.
99igo4 years ago
so sick
dsonley4 years ago
this amuses me greatly
KT3604 years ago
your rubber band is about to break
ninja_maker4 years ago
this is so awsome!!!!!!! :)`
flomause5 years ago
haha i was shooting mine all throughout fifth period :D now i need to make it shoot skittles into people's mouths
Nickster655 years ago
wow...nice. took me awhile to make, but really cool. no one better try to get in my desk!!!!!!!!

blowfo6 years ago
man can u make a vid for this that would be sweet
ya same here
Yeah, a video would be great, I just spent forever tying to make it and it doesn't work quite to well...
Saikiranra5 years ago
It is a good contraption. I hope I dont get caught!
this is kida a pain in my azz to make but its awsome
brilliant design.......i would say it would be funner to load it with as many paper hole punches as you hitting anybody with a solid could really suck.....aka detention......or fired lol
i shot my teacher with this. detiton sucks
Silence5 years ago
You could very likely combine the principal of this to a mini PVC air cannon, use the rubber band release to fire the cannon, nerf away. Its genius.
Adum245 years ago
its ok
Fimon5 years ago
wow, this is cool, but dangerous (shoot to eye...) , I did this in bigger version, but I didn't use it I hope it will be good :D
Ahahaha this may make some people a little bit angry
AceofWWII6 years ago
know what, this took me 4 hours and i measured perfectly and IT DIDN'T WORK! but still a nice weapon
Ayaan6 years ago
mailman5756 years ago
sweet... here kitty kitty kitty... (LOL, jk)
53rp3nt6 years ago
Evil geniuses like you give me inspiration each day.
kevin711276 years ago
(removed by community request)
stevie16 years ago
im gonna make a huge version just cause i have giant paperclips that are like 5mm thick. its gonna pwn
brilliant use of mechanic's.
blazedlife7 years ago
i love this one i made it but i didn't really measure so mine wasnt that good good job its a little hard to just gotta kno wat ur doin