Step 2: Straighten the Paper Clips

Picture of Straighten the Paper Clips
Using your Pliers straighten the 3 Paper Clips.
hondagofast8 years ago
I can do that with my hands
same here
Hehe. So can I. Heheh.
caalabo6 years ago
i straightened it with my hands but pliers would have been eisier
DB2016 caalabo4 years ago
Hehe... That's what she sai-- sorry.
transuranic4 years ago
pliers work well
i got mine very straight. i uses a pipe rench to crush them, rather than just bend them with needle nose pliers
toolman8836 years ago
it was the last bend that gave me trouble
it does take about 7 seconds (average, it was a sport in my old school, first to straight the clip) longer, but using your fingers you can straighten them very easily.
nkk077 years ago
so can i