Office Chair Luxury Sports Sled AKA "The Relaxitrator"

Picture of Office Chair Luxury Sports Sled AKA
This is a quick DIY sled Logan Williams and I built to celebrate the huge blizzard this past weekend in Boston. It's a luxury sleigh capable of extreme speeds and maneuverability - the Bentley Continental of DIY Sleds.

Video demonstrating our first experience of The Relaxitrator's inexplicable attraction towards lamp posts. (Note: Has some speed-induced swearing)

We only have photos of the complete sled but the assembly process is simple enough to explain. 

You'll need:
A pair of old skis
Some 2x4's
An office chair
Some rough-grit sandpaper
A drill
A Hand saw or chop saw for cutting 2x4's
A Hot glue gun
A Drill bit about 1/4 the diameter of your screws for predrilling
~30-40 Screws (we used some drywall screws we found lying around but this is definitely not optimal)
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Step 1: Prepare the Runners

Picture of Prepare the Runners
13, 5:58 PM.jpg
Remove the bindings from the sacrificial skis.
Cut some 2x4s to the length of the chair seat. 
Drill the 2x4s into the skis where the bindings were. (We used 2 layers of 2x4s because we were concerned about snow clearance)

Make sure to drill the wood to the skis very securely - this is an important joint. To prevent spliting, be careful to leave enough space between the screws (about 1 1/2 inch) and always predrill your holes with a thin drill bit.   

Step 2: Prepare The Seat

Picture of Prepare The Seat
Remove the wheelbase from the office chair. This should be fairly simple - the metal wheelbase usually is screwed into the bottom of the seat four points.

Step 3: Attach The Seat

Picture of Attach The Seat
With our chair, we were able to remove the seat cushion to get at the structural material of the seat. The stiff material of the chair may be MDF if the chair is old, or some hard plastic if it's newer. Drill pilot holes in the seat where you plan to drill it to the 2x4s attached into the skis. I'd recommend screws about 1 1/2 inches apart down the whole side of the seat. This is an important joint, because it will take a beating when you hit jumps and get mad air. 
dragonfrog6610 months ago
u can also cut hockey sticks apart and nail them to the sides to turn and brake
BarginsTech2 years ago
I love the laughing as you roll over in the snow and we see your feet flopping around! HAHAHAHA!
canida2 years ago
This is awesome! Unsteerable sled of death FTW.

(And I've never seen the bike room so CLEAN. Weird.)
Aurimasmb (author)  canida2 years ago
post work-week :]]
Great sled. Like the idea!
vincent75202 years ago
"Oh ! S*** there is a little kid !!…" made my day !

DainiusGB2 years ago